questionswhere can i get good used verizon 4g phones, at a…


I was in the same boat as you, but luckily my contract with verizon just expired in June and I was eligible for a discounted upgrade. I was hoping to hold out for the iPhone 5, but with this new plan, I ended up preordering the S3. Do you have the option of a discounted upgrade with VZW before the June 28th deadline?


Craigslist. Cowboom. eBay.

Make sure you check the ESN before buying. is helpful, but calling Verizon with the number is better.


@lichme: I wish I could have used an upgrade right now....but unfortunately, due to poor timing...I (or my wife) are not eligible for upgrades until February. :(

@morriea: Thanks for the tips...I had already been looking at ebay, but have never even thought about craigslist...or cowboom.