questionsdo you ski or snowboard?



[edit] I am not going to say I hate snowboarding since I am yet to try. But on thing is for sure, I hate snowboarders -_-


I live in Florida. So none, it doesn't really snow here lol. Except for some really weird years were it's actually snowed here.


Yes! I love to ski. I've been skiing since I was about five and still love it.

For the most part, I have to agree with @miquinn. There are other places to sit rather than the middle of the trail, snowboarders!


lol@ the answers so far. I think skiers and snowboarders have this whole sibling rivalry thing going on. I ski and yes I hate when boarders sit right at the top of the hill and I have to wiggle around them to start skiing or when they zip by me really fast, scaring me, and I'm struggling.
But whatever, I think the whole snow culture can benefit from each other. I'm still a new skier, this will be my 3rd or 4th year but I've grown to love it. I'm going to take my first boarding lesson this December. First time I tried boarding with a friend, I fell the whole way down. Now I know, take the lessons!


@w00tgurl: Haha that sounds like my experiences with snowboarding, thats why I started skiing instead. I don't hate snowboarders myself, all but one of my friends snowboard. I actually started off trying to snowboard and switched to skiing when I realized how much I suck at it.