questionswhat is the most unique / unusual gift you plan…


WAY too early to start thinking about that for me.


I haven't even bought halloween candy yet


My friend's birthday is in October and I've decided to make her an Altered book full of friendship quotes and sayings along with 'art' elements that relate to the saying. Depending on how that goes I might do them for the holidays. If so, then I'll be purchasing quite a few $1 hardcover children's books (currently using Peter Pan and Lion King; an even number of pages is very helpful) and possibly some extra stencils or stamps. I feel as though the fact that I'll be spending HOURS on each book makes up for the fact that the book itself only cost me $1... I might include flaps that hold gift cards or money as well, but I haven't decided yet.


Giving my buddy a foot flush for his birthday tomorrow.


My In-Laws are constantly filling their drinking glasses to the brim with ice and then pouring their beverage of choice on top of all that ice. This creates a sort of impenetrable iceberg that they then try to stab a flimsy plastic straw through, to no avail. So they are both getting titanium drinking straws. A peculiar gift for an extraordinarily specific problem.


I'm with the 'way too early' club.


@Kll * What a cool idea, love it! Speaking for myself, I always appreciate gifts from the heart that someone makes. I bet they will love the album idea, go with it!!

@cfalgas. I'm with your in-laws! I have a screw on lid beverage cup that I always fill to the brim with ice and then try to poke the straw down through an iceberg. I often end up using a fork to stab at the ice jam in order to break up the ice to get the straw to the bottom. A Titanium straw is about as off the wall a gift as I've heard of in a long time.


No idea...too early to tell, though my mom just asked for Christmas lists -- saying that she wanted them within the next few weeks...
We still need to figure out how to plan how many Christmas parties we're going to (looking like 4 by the time you count ours and the in-laws and the family gatherings), and we have 3 weddings to attend this December too!
Lots of gifts and lots of weekends gone and not lots of time to get everything else done...this should be interesting! ;)


I don't think it's really unusual but one of the couples we buy for is getting a photo book filled with pictures from her surprise bday party. And all of Mr. Flyinggirl's siblings are getting scrapbooks filled with their mom's recipes.


A Neato XV-11. For my wife. I expect to be murdered in my sleep in return.


I was planning on giving a nude sculpture of Hulk Hogan on a skateboard to my mom, but those things are a bich* to find.


I bought a footflush to give to both a co-worker that is always using the bathroom, and a roommate that is obsessed with having the 'perfect bathroom'.

My brother is getting an entire bacon themed present. All things bacon, including the lip balm I found during the bacon death woot-off!

Don't worry, I'm sure there will be lots more weird gifts for people...I only started planning and shopping March, still have a bit of time to go! Yay!


Footflush, all things bacon? Sounds like you make gift giving a unique experience. :)


@spicyaprons: I try! And, it's usually very appreciated as well :)