questionswhat to do with a lot of olive oil?


@thetexastwister: Correct. Just about everything one eats has the potential to cause the body to store it as fuel if eaten in excess. When I said "fry everything in it," I did not intend that to mean everything you eat needed to be fried in olive oil. I was referring to using olive oil in an otherwise well balanced diet.
If Kophia was going to pan fry food, then sure, it would be a great use of the olive oil. Since such small amounts of fat satiates so well, one would have to purposely over indulge with the olive oil.


@lavikinga: Quote: (Good fats don't make you fat)

Actually, all fats, good or bad, can make you fat. All fats contain heavy doses of calories and so too much of even good fats can lead to obesity by means of greatly increasing caloric intake.

Using olive oil correctly delivers plenty of heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids without overloading your dishes with waist expanding calories.


Earthy type wimmins use it as a 'personal moisturizer'.


Wow! So many interesting uses. And some fun responses too.
Our day is just starting here, so I will read those links a bit later, ty.


Sell it and use it as a front for a Crime Syndicate like Frankie "Five Angels" Pentangeli from the Godfather.


I use it to make popcorn in the microwave...


Pour some onto a small plate and grate some parmesan cheese over it and ground some black pepper over it. Dip warm crusty bread into it.


Make salad dressing. Use about 3/4c Olive Oil, 1-2tbsp lemon juice, some garlic, cracked pepper and let it sit for a day or 2 after making an emulsion. Goes best with chopped romaine, sliced almonds, bacon, and freshly grated parm.


convert your car to run on it.


@firebirdude: Yep, it is indeed a bad oil for deep frying.

You can use it in salads and general cooking, but unless you're up to using it in every single meal, it will probably go bad like you said.

Beyond what's already suggested, you could always consider regifting or donating to food drives. I imagine it would be gladly received


Bread. Make lots and lots of home made breads.


I love to make olive oil muffins. They're so moist and have amazing flavor, its one of my favorite recipes.


Sounds like you need to go all Hedonism bot from Futurama with it.

Bathe in it. Guzzle it straight. Slather it all over your body and be a glistening specimen of... well, whatever you'd like to be that day. Just warn me because I can't unsee it.


Stage an oil wrestling event


@lordwoot: #20 I'd like to hear that discussion.


Pesto. Hummus.

Don't think I'd feel comfortable putting it on my skin. Just a mental thing.

And I don't think it's a good oil for deep frying. Think is has one of the lowest flash points of all oils. Expect lots of smoke.


My brother-in-law's grandmother apparently uses it as a face moisturizer. My sister and mother are doing it too, now, though you'd think they'd just stop tanning if they wanted to look younger.


Olive Oil actually isn't very good for regular pan frying, it burns up to quickly and isn't the butter/vegetable oil replacement many people think it is, so be careful.


Fry everything in it.(Good fats don't make you fat) Make mayonnaise. We use it in our marinades and when we grill fresh vegetables. It makes the seasoning stick better.
Best of all, portion it out and FREEZE IT! I promise you it will NOT go bad. If you won't take my word for it, then read this:


Olive oil pound cake - lemon and other citrus flavors pair well with olive oil, you could make a couple different types of pound cake
Olive oil ice cream
Aioli - you can make a couple different types of aioli - garlic, red pepper, chipotle, etc.
Poach fish or chicken breasts in olive oil - instead of frying, slow cook a nice piece of fish or chicken in olive oil with some aromatics, like rosemary, citrus, basil, oregano, or your favorite herb.


You can make a really nice sea salt scrub with it.


What a coincidence. I was just discussing this topic with some people last night. Apparently, you can shave with it? You can also make lip balm out of it by mixing it with some beeswax. Also, for some reason, putting a bit in the bath is helpful? Also, if you wanna try going no 'poo, there's a bunch of homemade conditioner recipes that use it. Personally, I'd just make gallons of salad dressing.