questionshas anybody used walmarts our care plan coverage…


I've never purchased warranties from them, but that sounds like a pretty good deal. Did you check for their warranty price?


I didn't have the opportunity to use the one we got for the Wii before it ran out. But the price is pretty dang good. Check the fine print for "depreciation" clauses - ie: if they have to pay out for you to replace the item, will they cover what you paid for it, or will they pay out a depreciated valuation of your gadget?


Re extended warranties:

Pay attention to what you have to do to exercise the warranty... take the item to a store and leave for repair/replace? Ship if off somewhere and wait for repair/replace?

At Microcenter (if you live near one), and you have an extended warranty, you can take your malfunctioning item to a store. They swap it out for the equivalent product (or something better if no equivalent is in stock) and you leave. No waiting for a tech. This works well for items where no data recovery is at issue.

PS don't work for Microcenter. Have a friend that was employed there recently.