questionsdo you still have your woot free shipping coupons?


Thanks for the reminder. I believe I have a few left. The free shipping makes me feel less guilty when buying multiple monkeys. Happy Wooting.


@drunkcajun: well, at least YOU appreciated the reminder. SOME body's being an old grump about it.


Right when I saw the flashing lights, I went into my email.


I'm hoping for another three dollar BoC.


I still have all my coupons and am hoping to use them on either some wine, woot monkeys, or some more cheap headphones. Can never have too much of any of those things!


The free shipping has actually made me purchase a few things that I wouldn't have otherwise, so I believe I only have one use left.

Just like amazon prime, too easy to buy things.


Used the first one today on kids.woot. $1.99 Thames & Koch science kit thingy was a lot more attractive with free shipping!


I ordered a tote yesterday (it already had free shipping) but I think I will go back and get another (in case you didn't see it, they have now put up pictures of the actual totes). If I use one of my free shipping codes for an overnight delivery, I will have it in time for my trip (remember folks that the BACK TO SCHOOL sale items do not ship until Aug 22). I also used one of my codes on the last monkeys and I have a code reserved for this woot-off's monkeys.


I still have three of mine. I should find a happy home for them.


Just ordered some USB Stress Buttons and used one of my codes. 2 down and 2 to go.


Used one so got some left.


Just used my last one for a woot-off item, the Culinair kitchen utensils. With the others, I got Kai Tan Ren knives and both of the Ninja multiple chopper/mixer offers, including the handheld blender, hooray! Hmmm, I sense a trend here. Guess I'm trying to populate my new chef's kitchen from Woot deals, and succeeding quite nicely. Thanks, W00t!


pfffftttt... I blew through those SO fast... :)


I've used one. Forgot about the BoC, maybe I can score my first one and get free shipping too.


I ordered last wootoff's monkeys and this wootoff's toaster; have two left.


Just out of curiosity, what did one have to do to be considered lucky and productive enough (clearly I was not) to get the free shipping email? Perhaps I can mend my ways in time for the next one.


@rkarljr: I think it was having one of your comments get voted to the top?
or maybe it was having a question go popular...



From the Woot email: "On July 1, early in the morning, we ran a report that told us all of the userID's that had a #1 Top Answer/Top Comment AT THAT TIME."

So across the wooterverse, anyone who had the top ranked comment on a deal, or an answer on the question side, at that moment in time when the stars aligned received the email.

Deals has been like that crazy aunt who sends you stuff from her travels. We never know what might show up in our IN box or even on our doorstep!


@calculush1: ...from the bashement of the shciensh building.
Don't be hatin' on what you missed out. Free money's good money.