questionsis it safe to buy items off woot today since all…


sure. You know they'll always fix it if anything odd does happen.


I'm having issues with applying a coupon right now.


I trust Woot and would feel comfortable buying from them today. I assume it's just the web site that's been overhauled, not the entire Woot process. So buying and shipping should still work. And, of not, we know that Woot has amazing customer service. I trust they'll make it right if something does go wonky.


It appears to me that the glitchiness is more over here on DW than the other properties. DW itself seems to have stabilized(knocking on wood). I wouldn't hesitate to make a purchase for the reasons stated in previous answers.


Woot Writer here. Not sure why your deals would disappear, but we are running 100% secure as far as I've heard. You should have no fears of making a purchase.