questionsi am looking for a convertable tablet/tablet…


Lenovo X Series. The current model is the X201. It is expensive, however, it meets all your qualifications. One of my friends use these laptops to take notes in class as well. The battery life is, I believe, over 5 hours for him.


@catbertthegreat: I think that's the one a friend of mine has in our Constitutional Law class... Is that the one where the screen twist & then folds down? Nice laptop! He said had an issue with the turn-fold mechanism thing a couple of times & they had to fix it. It's pretty cool that you can write on it.


you might also consider the HP tm2 series- I had the earlier version of this, the tx1000 tablet, which was an excellent machine while it worked. Unfortunately it was laid low by the infamous AMD/Nvidia mobo problem that also got many of their DV6000 models- HP owned up to the problem in those machines but never admitted that the tx1000s were also affected. 2 mobos later, my machine quit again and it wasn't cost-effective to fix a third time (assuming that the problem had never been addressed and so would likely recur yet again).
HP's customer service sucks, but the machine was nice- folded over for use as a slate, not too big or too heavy, good battery life with the premium 9-cell pack, still had a keyboard to type papers with etc. While it worked the machine was great, just wish I hadn't gotten one of their lemon mobos (2 actually).


i have a tx2500. it heats up like mad and has begun bsod-ing on me like crazy over the past few months. i'm not sure if its inherent to this model or if it is due to the fact that i've dropped it a couple of times...

if you're only looking for a note-taking computer, have you considered one of the smaller netbooks (or whatever the term is)? do you need drawing capabilities? i say this, as, being someone with a convertible-type laptop, i find myself often jealous of my colleagues who have netbooks. i haven't really used the tablet capabilities of my laptop much, except for 2 cases.

[1] when i am trying to explain something to someone diagrammatically and have no paper on hand.
[2] when i am doing power point presentations and i can draw on the slide to highlight something.

for me it's not quite worth it, but it may depend on the nature of the courses you are taking. i also went to school before laptops in classrooms were common -- so maybe i'm just deprecated.