questionsdid you see the boc-like link to woot's facebook…


And notice they don't use the word "Crap" anywhere in the message but use "junk" instead:

Mortimer! What is all this junk?

I'm emptying out my closet before the Apocalypse! Whatever happens today, I want to face it with a clean conscience!

Or at least a clean desk. But what are you going to do with all of this?

I don't know... give it away on Woot's Facebook page at random times throughout the day?


@cengland0: Yeah that's why I added "BoC-like", as they have done junk you'd expect in a BoC, but not crap, nor was it BoCs.


Uggh. I am so over Facebook.
I don't want to fool with FB just to fail to score some crap-like items. None of it makes any sense.


Good luck. I'm staying here.


@lumpthar: Amazon has been doing it on FB, e-mail certain adress, 100th, 200th etc is the winner.

But as in the past, I am sure within this excellent community someone will give you all a heads-up via ATC or chat.


@lumpthar: I'm through with facebook too. I refuse to participate in this BOC-like venture just because it's on facebook. Now if I catch someone telling me that the contest is on in an alternate way like by posting a question, I'll try my luck at getting a crack at it.


Posting anything on Facebook is wrong given Facebook's slow and inconsistent updates.
For example, I haven't seen anything from Woot for over three weeks on my Facebook news feed (nor is there anything on their page that's recent).


hopefully everyone complaining about how much they won't ever use facebook ARE NOT the same people lighting up these discussions with complaints about how difficult it is to come across a BOC these days.


@xarous: Thanks for the heads-up. I'm suffering from an email backlog at the moment and probably wouldn't have seen it.


anybody who doesn't have facebook can check out wootstalker's woot page (as designed by @lichme). i believe there is a social media box that will show you the latest posts from facebook, twitter, etc.

otherwise, i'm sure someone will post a question in the discussion threads once the link is posted.