questionsis it possible to find hid for a '04' nissan…


Beyond calling around some of your local salvage yards, no idea.

I mean, yeah, there are other sources, but I don't suggest anyone breaking the law here.


@narfcake: Oh no no, I don't want anything illegal. I thought with Woot having such a diverse group, someone may know of a wholesale place or something like that. I'm sorry I was not clear on that. Of course there is always "somebody who knows somebody, that stole from somebody", lol............ Although I laughed at that line in a movie I saw, I could not go that route, no warranties, lol


If it doesn't have HID, I wouldn't add it. I work at a car dealership and people ask me about adding them all the time.

I am not a fan of the add on kits as they cause electrical problems and are known to cause shorts and/or fires. I've seen it happen.

If your just looking for replacement bulbs check with O'Reilly or your local major parts place. They can get the bulbs for a little cheaper than OE.


Make sure they are not labeled "Off road use only" if you go with a conversion kit. There are street legal kits, just google.
If you know any Officer Friendly you may want to ask about local or state laws, in some jurisdictions conversion kits are illegal. Some can give you a hassle (or ticket) if the lighting is blue instead of white -they hold up a piece of white paper in front of the beam, white yes, blue ticket.
I would stay away from some of the ebay kits, if you have a problem who you gonna call?

Make sure they are aimed properly and shielding is in place, you don't need people flipping you off or flashing you.


@wickedd365: Thanks for responding. I think it came with the car, I'll check


@xdavex: Thank you, good to know. I'll pass the info to the one inquiring.