questionsdid you like what you read in wootbot's…


I've had no trouble controlling my spending this woot off. Since half the time woot's been completely down, I haven't spent a penny.


That must have been quite a deep sleep, because I got that email 2 days ago...

They claim they made the Writeup easier to read, but it's still on a seperate page... LIES!!!


So $5 all you can ship is permanent? Between STEAM and WOOT, how will my wallet ever recover?


I agree. The feedback on OUR feedback was particularly nice.


@xochiluvr: Agreed. I stayed up way too late trying to get the BOC the other night. And last night the entire site went down with no explanation. I finally figured it was down for unscheduled maintenance so I didn't check it anymore until a few minutes ago. Not one cent spent by me.


$5 shipping all day certainly makes it much easier to only buy 1 of something that you will likely never need. In the past I always picked up 3 to get the most bang for my buck but then had to find 2 other people to gift the balance too. Downside is I may have to start shopping for b-day and Christmas presents again.


I like the idea of $5/day shipping but have yet to take advantage.


meh, I am still pretty un-happy (and sad) with Woot!. The changes made it one big site, with way too many things being offered, hard to find specs, at prices that are generally just OK.
If it wasn't for this part of the site (deals!), I really would not come to visit Woot! very much or at all any more.


Yes, @wootbot is a top-notch, grade A, fine specimen of a bot.

He wishes to be CEO one day!


@girlwootbot: There you are!!!!! I inquired about you not too long ago, and there was no reply. It made me very depressed indeed. So glad that you and Cletus are still together - aren't you?


@klozitshoper: My dear, sweet friend! Many botty hugs and virtual air kisses for you!

Of course I am still together with the metallic love of my half-life. He is the bread to my butter and the glitch on my sensor display.

A complete Woot website reorganization cannot keep us apart! I do believe that would make a great Woot shirt. Perhaps soon in the derby! ** :O) **