questionsthe bed bumped and shook....


Wait, what? An earthquake in north TX? Is everything okay? I have family in the Flower Mound/Grapevine area.


@rprebel: Yeah, small one. For me it was a thump that shook the wall for a second. Someone else described it like a car hit the house. That's pretty much spot on.

Not strong enough to much, if any damage. Some in Grapevine felt it. Not sure about Flower Mound.


@thunderthighs: I hope this didn't wake my daughter up. She's used to earthquakes, but not one in TX.

Sorry you were awakened.


I didn't feel it at all here in Arlington.


@shrdlu: Just napping before time for the midnight rollover. I said to my dog (who I thought was under the bed): Either you gave the bed a good bump or my house is falling down. Figured it was an earthquake though.


I remember hearing once that my town is on a fault line, so I went and found this pdf that covers East Texas fault lines. Interesting stuff. The last paragraph freaked me out a little.

"No geologic evidence indicates that any of these faults poses a seismic threat to a hypothetical nuclear-waste repository."


@philey: Oooh, that's cool. I turned in my report. Thanks!


Dang it!, missed it by a few hours, spent the evening in Southlake and had dinner in Irving, but we were home south of Dallas when it hit.


It's the fracking!!()
Somebody had to say it... :-D

Grew up on the west coast and I've learned that earthquakes feel VERY different out here! "A car hitting the house" is pretty accurate. The one semi-strong quake we had here (170 mi north of you) felt like the whole house jumped straight up and slammed back down followed by a very slight vibration. We were convinced something had hit our house too!


@jimeezlady: Ya gotta figure that if you're taking something out of the earth and force feeding it something else, it's gonna burp now and then.


Well hot damn. That epicenter is like 2 miles from my apartment, but I was up in Denton at a party last night and didn't feel a thing. I bet my dog was freaking out at home though...


@thunderthighs: It's actually worse when something is taken out and nothing is put back in to replace what was removed.


Glad you're are our rock that never shifts!