questionsare trampolines too dangerous for kids?


Trampolines are the exact right amount of dangerous for kids. They're safe, up to a point. Kids know this. It's why they play on them. It's why they test the limits of that safety. Depriving them of that kind of reckless abandon in your backyard only encourages them to seek it out elsewhere.

Don't even get me started on those ridiculous nets. If those things had been around when I was playing on trampolines, I wouldn't have been playing on trampolines. They take all the fun out of it.


We had one for my son and a friend had one when I was growing up.

Friend's didn't have a net and we had a few falls off it. Some could have caused injury but somehow didn't. This trampoline was a large regulation rectangle one.

Ours had the net and I preferred it. Ours was the typical round backyard variety. The thing about the net is that a couple kids can roughhouse in there and you don't have to worry about them pushing each other off.

Things I didn't like was that it turned their feet or socks black. You had to wash it down now and then. Forget having grass under it. Depending on where you live, you'll have to replace the spring pads every couple years (extreme cold or hot). The mat itself lasted a really long time.


Now I want one for myself... I hear it is great for exercise. As for being safe for kids... Well, it's a bit dangerous, but probably less-so if you follow safety guidelines; I hear socks are a no-no and net is a must. But I think it will help teach kids about limits. they get hurt a few times and they'll start weighing consequences against rewards and will hopefully make smarter decisions (as in NOT having 5 kids playing popcorn at once).
I suppose it's only as safe as the smartest kid you put on it.


@rprebel: Actually, I think I would have tried to see how far up the net I could jump, and tested if it would actually hold my weight. Then see how far up I could climb before jumping back down.


We had one, and never had a problem, possibly because we taught our kid how to jump. The problem is when people do stupid things with them, like have more than one person jumping at a time.

We once went out to Utah, and I'm sure this isn't unique there, but I saw people who dug holes in their yard, and put the trampoline in the hole, so when you're jumping, you're doing it from ground level. I thought this was a great idea. Although, you can still get injured, I can imagine that it cut down on injuries from bouncing off, or falling from it.


@kmeltzer: >when people do stupid things with them, like have more than one person jumping at a time.

There are a number of these around the neighborhood, and I always see them with 2-3 kids in them. In fact, with two boys, I'm not quite sure how well it would work if they had to "take turns" all the time. So people really use these "one person at a time" as a rule?


@kmeltzer - When I was a kid there was a person in my neighborhood that had one level with the ground over a hole. It was great! I would be much more comfortable with my kids jumping on one that was set up like this. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to dig a giant hole in my own yard.


@rprebel: If the trampolines I played on as a kid had had nets, they would only have pushed those I played with and me to find a spot high enough to clear the net while jumping on to the trampoline.


@tsfisch: Yes. I always enforced the one-at-a-time rule. I'd preferred the kids have safe fun, than me having a lawsuit.

@alpayton: I hear ya. But, if you end up not using the trampoline anymore, then you're that much closer to digging to China!


@secretagentman02: That actually sounds fun. Fun and dangerous, which (I believe) is the point lol.


having more than one kid on one trampoline at one time is what causes mosst of the serious injuries. two+ kids at once is just stupid, idiotic, moronic, irresponsible, and did I mention STUPID?


Well thanks everyone for the comments. Didn't get as much response as I expected but still some good info.

As I said in the initial question, this was all started by my 4yo breaking his leg at a trampoline place (SkyZone), doing very little, if anything dangerous. Just a cracked tibia. Then I do some more research and find out backyard trampolines are not recommended by any health professional that I could find...

Also wasn't aware that the rule was "one at a time", as I see multiple kids do it all the time. But after my son's experience, I agree that would be dangerous.

I think I'll be forgoing a trampoline in the near future. Maybe when the kids get a little older...


I'm a grandma of 9 in MO. We had one when my youngest daughter was around 8. She loved it! We had the 1 person rule, but it was not always followed. Basically we just taught her to be careful and safe.Neighborhood kids were only allowed if their parents gave permission for them to jump. It was a pain cutting the grass, but you could put pea gravel or something underneath it and not have to worry about grass. We also took ours down every winter & put it back up in the spring. I bought 1 for my oldest daughters kids and they loved it too!! No major injuries, but they didn't take theirs down in the winter so it got pretty ragged after a couple of yrs. A wind storm finally ruined it. I'm about to purchase 2 more this Christmas for some of my grandkids. In my opinion, trampolines are a GREAT form of exercise and much better for kids than all these video games they are playing. Riding bikes and skateboards are just as just have to be careful. Good luck!!