questionsam i the only one that buys 2 copies of steam…


It always happens on Steam, with the way they bundle games together. I wouldn't worry about the two purchases too much, once you confirm you'll still save money over the games individually.

These bundles are great for Steam, it gives users a huge incentive to spend an extra $15 or $20 to buy certain bundles of games for "extra" games, thinking "Oh I didn't really want those other games, but it's so cheap! How can I pass this deal up??"

Don't let it bother you if you really want all the games. BUT it might be worth asking yourself though if there's really just one game you want, and all those other games are like prizes in a cereal box... nice bonuses, but ultimately end up unused in the trash.


i wont tell anybody, it'll be our secret. copy paste to silly-silly-things-people-do-that-i-do-too-but-wont-admit-it-dot-com


@wootfast: lol!

@khellendros1984: yes, i've 'doubled down' before as well. some even show in my account as two separate games. my answer to some of these has been create a second gaming account so my friends can use it when they pop over. the rationalization is that i will give the account to my child down the road when old enough. that, and i get to enjoy the games too!