questionswhere can i find this tv show?


Two things that I can think of offhand:
1. Record it, convert it, burn it.
2. Buy the region 2 version and burn a region free copy.


Or see if there's a way to unlock your DVD player - often as not there's a code to make it region free.
Make sure they're not PAL too - if they are then you're out of luck.


@ojulius: Yeah...... I'm a technological moron with two computers. One is a five year old emachines T5524 Desktop and I have no clue how to burn a dvd on it. The other is a little Acer netbook without a cd/dvd drive. But honestly, thanks for the help. I'm sure if someone who wasn't as technologically challenged as I was had this problem, your advice would be absolutely perfect. But I'm not that person, nowhere close to that computer smart in fact. But, once again, thank you for all your help (that's not sarcasm, btw)

@prosperouscheat: The same kinda goes to you. If I tried to unlock my dvd player, i'd probably screw something up with it, it's kinda my superpower if you will


Looking around the internets it looks like they're on available as PAL too so option 3 - buy the DVDs or BR then download the episodes from a torrent site.


+1 to torrents. I watched this in 720p HD back in march. got it from bmtv.


Torrents area a bit risky for someone who is not computer savvy, no? There seems to be so many malware fakes, that without careful checking, he could wind up with a bad infection


Currently this show is inbetween the 2nd and 3rd season.
I was a huge Heroes fan, until I saw Misfits.
I will go on the record and say that this show makes me want to buy the Heroes box set just so I can physically throw it in the garbage.
Robert Sheehan (Nathan) is leaving the show :(
I think this show is on pay cable in the UK, so im not sure BBC America would broadcast it here. Region-free DVD seems the way to go. I think you have to have a Hulu+ account to watch the show. I found a preview for a few episodes through IMDB but couldnt get them to work here.


I'll have to check the show out. You may also like a show British show called Pulling. I love it! I'm the male version of one of the characters, but you'll have to figure out which one on your own.


@wootfast: You don't need Hulu+ to watch it, just a regular Hulu account so they know you're 18 because it's TV-MA


@trinnic: Conventional wisdom says that video files themselves can't contain viruses/malware, but there are a few tricks people use into running a program that looks like a video file.

To be safe, what you're looking for, in general, would be a multi-gigabyte torrent with one file per episode, and endings on the filenames like (usually) "avi" or "mkv", although I've seen "mp4" and "divx" occasionally.

More about the size: Each file would be about 350MB apiece, or about 1 GB (about 3x the first size) if they're in HD.

And the copyright holder is in another country...I'll leave it at that ;-)


I just bought seasons 1, 2, & 3 DVDs on eBay for region 1 USA and they worked in my DVD player. I am from the US the sellers name on eBay is moviemars-uk. I originally tried to unlock both my regular & my blue ray DVD players to play overseas DVDs but it didn't work. The show is great! I haven't been able to find season 4 for region 1 yet, I know it's out on hulu, so hopefully the new season will be out on DVD soon.