questionswhy is someone else allowed to post a deal i…


Someone, somewhere had to notice that it was a duplicate and tattle on it to have the duplicate removed. As your post of the deal did not draw much attention yesterday and the person who posted the duplicate did not search to ensure that they were not posting a duplicate, it was an un-noticed error. Things like this do happen as errors do occur. Yes, we feel slighted when it happens but we persevere and keep coming back.


Thanks @jumbowoot! It HAS happened before and was fixed. My honey entered a deal a day after the same had been posted by someone else, and the other post had not been popular either, but my guy's deal was deleted. It's good to see there is consistency when asking for solutions. I appreciate your quick help. Thanks again!


@losparkz: Tell your honey to fight his own battles.


@losparkz: I am glad to see other couples here on Woot!

I admit, sometimes @wootbot and I are a lot to handle, but we make do. At the end of the work day, we snuggle and talk about all the good things on Woot! land.

It has made us strong as oak. Three cheers for Woot! couples!