questionsshould i bother getting a safety razor?


I switched to a safety razor months ago and I'm on the fence if it's any better than the Mach 3 (what I used before). I don't think it gets any closer but I do experience more razor burns and nicks than before. And I've had to use a styptic pen, something I've never had to in the decades of shaving prior. Yes, I have Feather blades.

That said, safety blades are a lot cheaper than the Mach3 blades. I have discovered the Razor Pit, a product that seems to keep the Mach3 blades sharp for many more uses.

As for shaving your head, I've never heard of anyone using a safety razor for that and could be a pretty bloody event.


I've heard that feather blades aren't necessarily the best for everybody, sorta beard-dependent. Also a lot goes in to the angle of your dangle. Yea.

The problem with multi-blade models for me is that my hair tends to get pinched and pulled after a while, and the space in between the blades gets hopelessly clogged and I wind up just scratching shaved hairs across my neck. I've tried disposible single-blade models, but they're garbage.

Don't worry about the head for now. That's a ways off.


I'm not sure if the quality of the shave is better, but I can say I'm saving a ton of money using my Dovo Shavette. It uses single edge blades and I was able to pick up a pack of 100 for around $5. My total cost of shaving over the last year has been under $40, far less than I was spending with a Mach 3 when you add up the total cost of blades over a year.


Always worth giving a variety of blades a try. there are many sites that you can buy sampler packs from online for very decent prices. Different blades in different razors work better/worse for different people. there is no one size fits all. and blades can behave differently in different razors. Feathers are often considered a 'dangerous' blade and even the 'experts' often end up with nicks from them.

I found for daily shaving that the Dorco 301s work just fine, and at around $12/100 shipped (or less) a great deal ( I generally get 1 week per blade) is a great resource


I used to have an Atra, but the handle broke and would no longer hold blades. I tried the newer 4 or 5 bladed ones, but didn't like them.

My biggest complaint about the multi-blades was the price, followed by not being able to get the last few hairs between my nose and lip.

I wore a beard for a while, and with the double-edge razors, you know exactly where you're shaving. Not so important for your neck, but I could get rid of the stray hair on my cheeks without messing up the line of beard.

It took a while for me to find the right blade, as it depends on your skin type and the coarseness of your beard. I just picked up a 5 year supply of blades for about $15.


I've got a pretty thick beard which I shave around (cheeks, neck, part of my upper lip) and I would never take a single blade razor to it. I use the Gillette Fusion and couldn't be happier with it. I'd definitely not use one of those things on my head where you can't see exactly where the blade is traveling. That's a recipe for disaster.


I figure the savings will be nice too, but this is more because I occasionally pretend to be fancy and I'm just looking for a better product.

I think I'll pull the trigger.


With my double edge razor, there are two characteristics that that no store-bought multi-blade will ever be able to match- the ability to customize my setup and the cost. I have only been using my DE for about a year, but I've already collected two brushes, four different types of cream, and tried about 6 different brands of blade. On the cost side of things, as others have said DE blades are cheap; check my deal on here for Feather blades ($20 for 100 blades that usually last me about 8 days each).

Beyond that, typical store-bought razors and cream make for a utilitarian feel, pressing for a faster shave to get it over with. The fact that you have to practice with e DE and that, yes, it does take a little longer, tend to make me actually enjoy it a bit. Add that to the competitive aspect (me and my setup vs. my beard), and it's plenty to keep me from going back. Oh, and I also tend to keep a beard much of the year, just trimming my neck, and it's still worth it.


I had someone ask close to the same question from a deal I put out for DE blades. I will include the comments, in hopes they might help you. Sorry for copying and pasting, but I'm deep into my second glass of whisky and this is much easier than writing it all again!

@wolfsmane: I'm no expert, just like having more control over what I do for my face. Two to five blade razors from my experience, are more apt to create ingrown hairs, because of the way they are made.

The best advice I can give you is to get a sample pack from a good seller, a good razor from a good seller, and some high quality cream or shaving soap.........not the crap that comes out of an aerosol can!


Sorry if these are out of order...did I mention the whisky?

When you look for these products, stay off ebay until you know what to look for. Start small with the basics and google some of the shaving forums to get some more advice. You can find a good vintage double edge razor off of some of these forums or buy a modern one. Every wet shaver had to start somewhere, you are at ground build my brother!

@wolfsmane: Also, give it some time before you throw in the towel, you will have setbacks. Your face will take time to adjust to a DE razor, this is where most people get discouraged. Always remember prepping your face to be shaved is as important as what tool you are using to shave with!


When you google the shaving forums, a lot of information is going to come up on straight razors...........I went from a five blade razor to a straight razor, and there is a huge learning curve and people definitely have a hard time staying with the straights. I hone my own straights, so I did not have to keep sending it off to be honed, which can be tiring to continually do after stropping can no longer maintain your blade.

@wolfsmane: Sorry to blow your mind with that, but felt it needs to be said as you can be swayed to start with a straight. Having said that, I love straights! My advice to you is to start with the DE's. I wish I had, as after mastering a straight you don't really want to go back to regular blades, but with me I needed some way to shave a little quicker that still helped my face and gave as close of a shave, like my straight razor.


I like my double edge almost as much as my straight now, with the right blades........what are the right blades for you? Only you can answer that, get the sample packs like I said, and don't be swayed by any one person or company. When you go on these forums they will be using many abbreviations, which may throw you off, familiarize yourself with these to make it easier to navigate the information.


Just remember with a DE to avoid irritation and get a good quality shave it's about face prep fist, then reducing the amount of hair with each pass, not trying to get it all at once and bearing down hard like you do with a 2 to 5 blade.

I usually do about three passes to get a good shave and split my face into quadrants, and do each quadrant in order. I know my tough areas and go against the grain in some areas..........I think I heard someone groan in the back of the's what works for you, and don't get discouraged after just two shaves, it can take your face a while to get accustomed to DE shaving.



Definitely get a safety razor. Great shaves at a great price.

Not sure about using it on your head though.


@lotsofgoats: I've kept this deal up because they were still honoring the coupon code, you might want to look into this one.

I bought it when it was more expensive, and it's my first modern DE and is in my kit along with my vintage DE razors.


@107bear: Trigger has been pulled, thanks for this.