questionswho watched the twilight zone july 4th?


Is the earth getting closer or further away from the sun?

Must be the "Midnight Sun".


@theoneill555: "Nick of Time", and others, are on YouTube.


I watched several episodes. I had never seen the episode "Nothing in the Dark" with Robert Redford before.


@novastarj: I liked that one, but didn't see it this time around.


Rats. I missed it. I spent too many hours catching up on episodes of "Royal Pains" on USA. It's turned into a guilty pleasure, I'm afraid. I have a secret adoration for Campbell Scott. Don't ask me why.


@theoneill555: One that caught my attention was starring a young William Shatner, about a couple using a fortune telling machine in a diner.

Fun stuff.


I happened to catch the episodes mentioned by @wingnutzero and @loubriccant along with the Willoughby episode and the toys in the donation drum.


Syfy is still a working channel?


I watched it for probably 3 hours during the afternoon, making a game of trying to guess the twist within the first 5 minutes (with surprising success).

Always a fun show, and I still haven't seen the vast majority of the episodes.


"That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I needed...! That's not fair!"

I have this series on DVD and they never get old to me.


I'll answer you as soon as this man gets off the wing of my plane.