questionswho watched the twilight zone july 4th?


I'll answer you as soon as this man gets off the wing of my plane.


"That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I needed...! That's not fair!"

I have this series on DVD and they never get old to me.


I watched it for probably 3 hours during the afternoon, making a game of trying to guess the twist within the first 5 minutes (with surprising success).

Always a fun show, and I still haven't seen the vast majority of the episodes.


Syfy is still a working channel?


I happened to catch the episodes mentioned by @wingnutzero and @loubriccant along with the Willoughby episode and the toys in the donation drum.


@theoneill555: One that caught my attention was starring a young William Shatner, about a couple using a fortune telling machine in a diner.

Fun stuff.


Rats. I missed it. I spent too many hours catching up on episodes of "Royal Pains" on USA. It's turned into a guilty pleasure, I'm afraid. I have a secret adoration for Campbell Scott. Don't ask me why.


@novastarj: I liked that one, but didn't see it this time around.


I watched several episodes. I had never seen the episode "Nothing in the Dark" with Robert Redford before.


@theoneill555: "Nick of Time", and others, are on YouTube.


Is the earth getting closer or further away from the sun?

Must be the "Midnight Sun".