questionsis anyone else tired of all the whining?


Damn, after complaining about the complainers, I just realized I started a whole 'nother thread about complaining.


@daveinsocal: "The most annoying thing about woot right now isn't the changes in the site layout, ownership structure, or boc issues, it's all the self-righteous whiners."

The whining has been a part of Woot since the early days ... so seeing how that part did NOT change ... well, we shouldn't be complaining about that now, should we? ^_^

Speaking of which, I haven't said much about shirt.woot recently ...


Just a couple weeks ago, woot had, what I felt was like, a very fun and successful Woot-Off. Everyone was happy about the Woot-Off and the new changes to the site.

I do think there might be a little too much whining, since Woot usually gives us lots of pleasant surprises on a fairly regular basis :)


@dmaz: This past woot off with all the server issues? I would have to say that one was much less fun than some previous ones. But the one before that I thought was completely pleasant and fun.


@inkycatz: So the recent spate of cat shirts at shirt.woot is the staff's way of quieting the Anvil/AA discussion? :)