questionswhat do i get someone for christmas when they…


If he really has everything that makes him happy, donate $500 worth of Legos to a charity in his name. Then just give him something inexpensive to open for himself. Something, as you said, from the heart. I can't tell you what that should be. The bulk of his present will be the charity gift, though.


Does he like to cook? Lots of cool kitchen stuff, or outdoor cooking stuff.

What's wrong with just taking him out to dinner if he likes food that much? Make it into a home-made gift like "1 coupon to applebees", except not applebees, and throw some other stuff in that coupon book too.

Yea, I see the limitations on legos. There was a deal on the millenium falcon lego set recently.


A couple years ago my wife bought me one of Alton Brown's cookbooks for Christmas. I still love it.

AB is one of my favorites from the Food Network, and his cookbooks are written extremely well, with detailed explanations on how to do all the tasks so even a novice can succeed.

If your guy doesn't like to cook then part of the gift from you could be to cook recipes from the book for him.


If he likes cooking (as opposed to just food), some good cookbooks include Easy Indian Cooking or An Invitation to Indian Cooking, both by Madhur Jaffrey, the America's Test Kitchen Home Baking Book (BEST BUTTERCREAM EVER), and Think Like a Chef, by Tom Colicchio.

If he just like food, take him out to dinner. Yum.

Alternately, there are kitchen gadgets like a coffee grinder for spices, plus a pantry's worth of whole spices.


Even if someone "has everything," there's usually something they don't normally buy for themselves, or buy only as an occasional treat. Think along those lines.

But, I think food can be a marvelous gift. Put together your own gift basket by filling it with little gourmet treats. You can pick a theme... breakfast, snacks, chocolate, pasta night are a few examples. Baskets can be picked up very cheaply at thrift stores like Goodwill, or choose a container that can be reused, like a cooking pot or decorative bowl. Or if that's too much, a nice gift bag will work too. Pad the bottom with crumpled or shredded pretty paper, arrange everything in there the best you can, wrap in transparent plastic or cellophane with a big ribbon. Throwing in a gift card or homemade coupon is always an option. The fact that you choose all the items yourself will make it much more special than if you ordered a gift basket from some company, and it will cost far less than doing that as well.


I ask this question every year. Hopefully, I will get some ideas today. Thanks in advance.


Substitute "Beer" for "Legos" and you pretty much have the same situation my fiancée was in a few months ago for my birthday. She knew my fondness of Food Network and how I attempt (key word) to cook, so she went out and bought me a cooking class. She didn't know which one I wanted to attend, so she gave me the schedule and I picked out a hands-on class where we made an Italian meal from scratch (soup, entree, and dessert). She came with and it was a lot of fun! I'm not sure if he likes to cook or if you are near any places that provide a class like that, but I would highly recommend it if it's an option. The class was 3-4 hours long and the cost was somewhere around $70.

For her birthday, she's a huge coffee lover, so I'm looking into local coffee houses/roasters to set up a time for her and I to come in and roast our own blend of beans. So if there's a specific type of food he likes, maybe that will spark an idea.

Even if you decide to go in a different direction, good luck!


Giving food is definitely a Christmas thing! We only give gifts to the children, everyone else gets goodie baskets filled with cookies and mini loaves of pumpkin bread, zucchini bread and banana bread.

If you just don't feel like giving food, maybe there is an experience you can share? A trip to Legoland?


I know this is going way out there and I don't know your budget but I'll throw this up anyway.

A couple years ago my GF got me a ride along in a race car on a regular race track and it was freaking AWESOME. I never would have thought of it or gotten it on my own but holy crap it was fun. Going 180mph 3 wide through a turn is something I'll not soon forget. And it was only 100 bucks which is more than we'd normally spend on something intangible like that but yeah, it was a hell of a gift.

I'd be amazed no matter what he is like if your BF could come out of that without a gigantic grin going OMG AWESOME!!one!1!


Heroin- that way, by this time next Christmas, they have nothing, and you can get them whatever. Maybe a toaster.

Or just build him a Lego Alton Brown.


I like the idea posted by @durkzilla. My dad likes Alton Brown and I got him one of his cookbooks for Christmas a couple of years ago. The books are really well done and have lots of cool and interesting info about the science behind the food.


Keep your eye on Groupon and it's twins for good deals on "do" stuff over the next couple of months. Locally we recently had a Groupon for a ride in an open air bi-plane that my BFF would have loved. The cooking class is a great idea. If he doesn't like to cook, how about a fancy dinner catered at home or some romantic place? If you have a cooking school in your area you could hire some students to do it. You might be able to get a cookbook autographed by his favorite Food Network chef-- I don't know how accessible these folks are. Depending on where you live, you could look at a weekend at a nice resort in driving distance, Groupon has a lot of good travel deals, or you could find one online. Time is always the greatest gift of all, so something where the two of you spend time together doing something that he loves. On the Leggos for charity option, you could get some Leggos and wrap them up take him to play Santa Claus (not necessarily in costume) at a children's shelter.


I recommend a good flashlight, such as one of the one's here:

If you want to go with a food related gift, a good knife or a gourmet gift basket is always nice. Y'know, good olive oil, balsamic that kinda thing.

You could also try staging an at home iron chef competition. That could be really fun. You have to let him win though.


Do something hand made. My wife had some pictures taken and made me a pin-up calendar for 2011/2012. Something I never knew I wanted ;)

The photographer was $150 for the 3 hours.
The hair and makeup (since you will have at least 12 different outfits) was $75.
She bought clothes from OhCheri and ebay along with Goodwill. Spent $100 total

Then from there, you can have Costco print it out as a customized calendar and cost $18.

Total cost was under $350 which was her budget.

Best of all, it's a present that I can enjoy for at least 2 years. Something I never knew I wanted but always needed.


I agree that tickets to a cooking class would be a good idea. Alternatively, you could buy him tickets to something you are not positive he already likes - metalworking classes, glassblowing classes, skydiving, hot air balloon. Just make sure it's not something he knows he hates or fears.

Then, make him a brick film showing your lives (I'm assuming he is your SO) together up to and including the class you just gave him. Just hit the highlights ala 30 second bunnies.


I never thought of the idea of a Food Network Star's cookbook. He does love Alex Guarnalastname. I also like the idea of cooking classes. It sounds like a cute way to spend a night.

Thanks for the great ideas everyone!


Jumbo Medjool dates. They are considered a Xmas gift by many. The new crop in CA. was just harvested. Don't buy the old chewy ones in the grocery store. Get them directly from the grower. Fresh makes a huge difference. They are delicious, like candy. A true delicacy. A little pricey but so worth it. This is where I buy mine every year:


@dreamyvelvet: yay! You've just helped me solve an eternal dilemma! My spouse is the easiest person to shop for (a gift card from Amazon lets him buy even more books) but it's a pretty boring gift. I always try to find something to add to it, and this year's idea bin has been pretty empty. Last year it was a couple pounds of good pistachios, this year it will be DATES!


I'm not sure what your budget allows, but if he likes ice cream you might splurge on some exotic and wonderful flavors from I bought a six-pack from them a couple of years ago, and we nursed those little pint containers along for the better part of a week.

If he likes hot/spicy foods, try Queen City Cayenne; that was the spouse's total fave. I liked both the Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet and the Cherry Lambic Sorbet. Their flavors are seasonal, since all their ingredients are fresh and most are local. If you want to experience instant ice cream lust, just read the "Who We Are" page on their site.


If he likes baseball -Red Soxs- you can buy a customizable brick, one for you and one goes into the B or C entrance of the park. I got it for my boyfriend and I hope he loves it