questionslightest queen size bed frame from things found…


PCV would be light enough. But the bed frame is the least of your worries. A standard queen sized mattress weighs 75-100lbs.

What you want is a murphy bed. All three of the beds in the vacation home we rented this past summer were queen sized murphy beds. It made the little shotgun house quite spacious, and were easy to open and close. Here's a link to some DIY plans.


What led you to this particular site to ask a question of this nature?

I'm having trouble envisioning how you plan to flip a queen size bed onto its side and keep it balanced upright safely.


@magic cave: ....and why did they join this site TODAY just to ask a question? Google & YouTube & the assorted Interwebs not have enough information?


So you two have no clue how to build a light weight bed frame. You just want to whine?

Any to answer about the balance. If you tip a mattress against a wall, all it's weight is leaning against the wall. It will not fall back down, if strapped to a rigid frame.

I know a queen size mattress weighs about 80 pounds. But an average woman can't lift that, plus a wooden frame.


I see a lot of potential problems w/building the frame you suggest. Leaning a mattress & frame against a wall doesn't seem very secure to me. If you have small children or pets, they could dislodge it...and it could fall on them.

May I suggest a used queen sized sofa-bed? Probably available at a 2nd hand store for $100. You'd have the size of bed you want, it would fold up to give you room....and be a place to sit. Sorry, I have no clue how to build such a frame. Do think murphy-beds are fantastic.


No kids, just me and my girlfriend. Only pets is a fish nowhere close to the bed area.

Well we visited Lowe's and Home Depot tonight in person. Looked at different things and decided the absolute lightest stuff to build a queen size bed platform out of is....

2" thick sheet foam insulation. AKA Styrofoam sheet. I'll need 12 sheets to make a foot tall base for the queen size memory foam mattress. Can actually lift all twelve 2 inch thick 4 by 8 feet sheets with one hand!! We laid on the stacked sheets right there in the isle of the store and its solid, no sagging or sinking! Sat on the edge to check if the edge would break or compress. Nope! Going to cut these with a box cutter razor and glue them together with white school glue. Bamboo sticks to hold the foam sheets together while the glue dries and cover the whole thing with thin cotton sheets glued to all sides.Strap the mattress to it and it should be super easy to flip on it's side to free up the floor in the studio apartment.


This is a horrible idea. and a weird place to ask a weird question. please leave and do not return.