questionsdoes anyone out there have any woot pet peeves?


Here's another one, posts are too short.
Some people, actually most, post short little bits--which is fine.
But instead of downvotes how bout credits for posters that are entertaining!


What really peves me is spammers and asshats. The spammers post garbage, then get upset and retalliate when you make fun of them -- Actually, that's a bit of fun, but I'm sure the mods don't like it because it just makes more for them to have to delete.

The asshats make outstanding and unfounded accusations against the everyday users and then go on a rage when someone rebuttles. Those guys just need to lay off the 'roids and take a breather.


@capguncowboy: sounds good, I'm sure everyone's with ya there.

But I wouldn't understand how it would be more work for the mods.
Just tag the whole thread as chum, fit for the sharks.

But alas, I suppose if they were really scrupulous and there was a gem posted there that gave a few guffaws, then there could be a brilliant-but-orphaned thread somewhere out there in woot-forum-land.
Intionally move the gem to its own thread so people can see the ha-ha.
They already have a capable script, the one that does the work for the "quality" posts. It does a decent job summarizing.


Gratuitous questions made only for the purpose of reputation.


I've been Wooting for several years now, was introduced to the site by a sister - had a previous account with about a dozen purchases on it, but something went wrong with that account and it wouldn't work, so I started this one. Sadly, I lost the credit for those previous Woots :'( - but that's the only problem I've had. As far as recurring pet peeves, no. I'm generally a happy Wooter and I tell people about this site all the time.


When people hate on me for having the best fantasy football team.


Edit: Also, those who brag about their damn touchpads.


@durkzilla: Incorrect

It was forged deep in the belly of the beast named necessity. If your tawdry and obtruse observation were correct, I would not have posted an entirely believable backstory. Go troll elsewhere and see what people who post for reputation's sake have their post look like.

Here's a hint, it doesn't look like this one.
I posted because I had a gripe, and I wanted a sounding board.


My biggest pet peeve is not being able to score a Bag of Crap.


@90mcg112: I've seen the lists of people going for those and it's a mile long.

From people who have gotten them, is there anything Un-crap-like in them? I'm not looking for a flying monkey. The least I would accept is a caped woot exclamation point crusader. That'd be so much cooler.
I'm not a big fan of poop slinging primates.


Not to pick on the staff, but...
There seems to be a cadre of staff coming and going and all with multiple names, and bots to boot, and people faking bots and even faking employee status

Is it any wonder I see lots of posts saying, "Hey, what gives, my deal got tased but it was valid!"

It's unfathomable. Except with the above chaos ensuing.
So then again, I guess flying monkeys do start making sense ;P


@a.priori.eureka: You asked for pet peeves. That one is mine.

YOU made the leap to my comment being pointed at this particular question.


@durkzilla: by jimmeny, I think you're right. Excuse!
or excuse (to follow) I'm quite tired. I work split shifts, days and nights. So sometimes my sleep tank's a little low!

If it's any consolation, I didn't let you have it with both barrels ;)

So, my pet peeve is people accusing you of something that they've done. Like @capguncowboy said. Now I've gone and done it. What a differnce not seeing an S can make. So I'll be sport enough to say, "My bad" and buy you a virtual Dos Equis. Because, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do..."


@zarfus: I got a touchpad, I got a touchpad im better than you na-na na-na boo boo stick your head in doo doo


users who wish they wore big boy pants like mods - as if they're the gods of the woot! world. people have opinions. when its not an opinion and just plain against the rules - we have mods. if you're not a mod, suck it up and deal with it. don't treat a deal/thought/comment as if someone just kicked your dog.


@caffeine_dude: commences doo doo head dunking ceremony


@durkzilla: I like how you have two of the most popular replies...


Woot Offs that dont end with a new monkey. Two in a row Woot. I'm starting to lose interest.


@a.priori.eureka: Our "is a question" algorithm can definitely be improved. Currently, we consider a question to be a question if it starts with one of these words:

"any", "am", "are", "can", "could", "did", "do", "does", "have", "has", "how", "is", "should", "what", "when", "whence", "where", "wherefore", "whether", "which", "whither", "who", "whom", "whose", "why", "would"

and also ends with a question mark.

I realize this barely scratches the surface of all variations of interrogative sentences: We certainly welcome any ideas or algorithms for determining if a question is a question.


my peeve....people who contribute little but then complain about what goes on here....


@josefresno: Wow, what a difference between your list and what I was taught in grammar school - who, what, when, where, how, why, Is, Are. Question: Do - ah new one - Do you know that grammar school for me was waaaaaaaayyyyyyy back during WW2? No wonder I am obsolete, and with these way smart people here, I feel the pain, oh the pain!


@gretchena: I wholeheartedly agree with that.

The entitlement crowd. It's unbelievable.


My peeve is when I see people post rude/belittling/overreacting comments, I feel it contributes nothing. Not directing this criticism at anyone specifically in this post. I'm probably guilty as well but I try to make almost all of my comments helpful.


@josefresno: More formally, we catch standard wh- questions and some polar (yes/no) questions, but aren't good at tag questions. However, tag questions often rely on rising (actually poses a question) or falling (expresses an opinion) tone and we can't very well determine that, now can we? Parsing English is nearly futile, and we just wanted a smoke screen to guide people away from "asking" diatribes, opinions or statements.


This post includes... FORMATTING! Did I miss the markup lesson or what?


@chris12345: AHA! Words surrounded by asterisks! Words surrounded by asterisks!

edit:...or underscores.


Woot is great. I'm not so keen on the community voting thing. It gets a bit too junior high-like at times. It's effective for some things, like warning people away from spam, but sometimes threads get truly nasty with it. If you touch on a controversial topic, and you happen to be on the less mainstream side of the issue, your reputation can truly suffer, even if you have facts, figures, and conviction behind you. Kind of like being anti-smoking in the 1960's, and mentioning to a room full of smokers that you think smoking might not be so healthy. You get slammed. It's a form of mind control through fear. Kind of Borg-like, actually.

Heck, I'll probably get down-voted by a billion for this post! Ha ha ha.


@chris12345: Or double for bold. @electricemu is slowly adding Markdown syntax. Due to our inline link parsing the asterisks will generally be more accepting than underscores.