questionshas quick thinking ever gotten you out of a…


I have by being honest with the officer, but now I just do not speed.


Sounds like "quick thinking" is what got you pulled over in the first place. :)


Honesty got me out of two speeding tickets. Drivers' licenses for people under 18 restricted driving between midnight and 6AM; I got pulled over at 11:59PM within a block of home. I started sobbing and told the cop that I was trying to get home before midnight to meet the state's law. I got a talking-to but no ticket. Last summer, I got pulled over in a place I'd never been before for going about 40 on a divided road, two lanes in each direction; turned out the speed limit was 25(!). When he pulled me over, he asked if I knew the speed limit. I replied honestly that I didn't and acknowledged that 15MPH over the speed limit was much, much too fast to be going; it was dangerous and I was wrong. He checked my record, saw that I've never had a moving violation, and let me go. He specifically thanked me for my honesty and said it was why he wouldn't give me a ticket.