questionshow much do you pay, on average, for your k-cups?


Interesting question. I apologize in advance that I will not give the answer you are looking for!

I do not use cups, but have an espresso machine and grinder, and was curious to see how the costs compare. My setup is about $1000, and I have been using it for about 6 years. I make about 6 espressos a day, which means that my machine and grinder cost about 7.6 cents per espresso I have made.

Then I buy coffee beans for about $15 per 2 lbs, which make about 100 espressi. This means a cost of another 15 cents per espresso, for a total of 22.6 cents for each espresso.

I then sometimes clean the machine, but I don't think I have spent more than a total of $50 in 6 years on that, which would come to 0.4 cents.

So I have paid about 23 cents per espresso, if I retire my machine right now (I will not, it is still going strong). Curious to see how this compares to k-cups!


If I get them locally, I normally get the 16 pack for around $11. A coworker goes to Sams Club and gets the 54 packs for around $35 (Starbucks). At home I have been lazy and cheap, and just use instant coffee with no K-Cup for the immediate hot water.


In the 50 to 60 cent per range, closer to 50 than 60. That's factoring in any related shipping (which I don't usually pay, I tend to order when there is free shipping, or when I have a coupon).

This reminds me, I heard about a new chocolate cherry flavor...I must try that!


I usually won't pay more then 50 cents a cup unless it's something I'm really craving. I consider anything less than that a great deal.


i prefer b cups, and i can't say i've ever paid for them


I don't know the cost off hand. But I think the only way to make it financially, not to mention environmentally, viable, is for me to use the cups that I can fill and reuse.


I usually get mine at Staples with my Rewards. When Staples has paper or batteries or whatever as 100% back in Rewards, I take those Rewards and purchase my k-cups and actually, that's how I purchased my Keurig, also. I also pick them up at Target where I can use a Manufacturer's coupon and a Target coupon on the same item.


I buy mine at Costco. They sell them in packs of 180 for $79.99. That breaks down to about $0.44 each. That works for us. We go through a box a month. Hope that helps.

vote-for2vote-against is hard to beat. I love their Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold k-cups, a steal at $84.99 for 200, or 42.4 cents each. But I think this would be my favorite k-cup at twice the price; it really is rich & bold. recently expanded their selection of k-cups online. I like Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Tea, which I'd ordered from Amazon. But now has it, and at $83.99 for 180 k-cups.

If you're not a member of Costco, there's a premium on each order & I think it's 5 percent. But bargains like the Kirkland k-cups make being a member of Costco a no-brainer for me. I have no connection with them except as a member, but I'm a happy camper & happy shopper.


I'm a real cheap person so I wait for a good deal before buying mine. Here's how I get them at a good discount:

1. Wait for Staples to give me $10 off $20 coupon then I buy a couple boxes.

2. Belk occasionally will have a sale on a few boxes that are short dated. That means they have either expired or are about to expire. I cannot tell the difference between an expired or fresh K-Cup.

3. Fill my own cups.

When filling my own cups, I either reuse the old cup or use a refillable one called a Disposa Cups. You can get those here: . The lids that come with the Disposa Cups fit the original K-Cups you buy elsewhere so I'll usually clean out an original, wait for it to completely dry out and then refill it and use a Disposa Cup lid on it.

The K-Cup patent expired September 16, 2012 so you should start seeing new vendors creating compatible ones. With competition, the prices will finally go down. This is how zoogater can sell the Disposa Cups now.


If you just want coffee, the CostCo method is definitely the way to go. But if you are a person who likes a variety of flavors, that route is mostly closed, unfortunately. I've come to accept that the "I refuse to pay more than 50 cents per" motto doesn't work if you want the flavored variety. Any way you look at it, 50 cents or 60 cents is still WAY less than the swill they sell at Starbucks.


I bought the refillable from amazon and use Dunkin donuts coffee.. i figure about 25 the most...........


My coffee maker came with a refillable pod, but it's kind of a pain to clean. I've paid up to about $1 for Celestial Seasonings Anti-Oxidant Green Tea. I usually like the samplers with a bunch of different flavors which are unfortunately more expensive. The one I just ordered was about .66 each. In case someone doesn't know you can get another half cup to cup of coffee from each capsule depending on your tastes. Of course this doesn't work with the Cafe Escapes and other powdered stuff.


I have a coupon code that'll get you a Keurig Vue500 machine for $101.99 from the $169.99 on their website!! It's a 40% off coupon only good until 5/11/2012 code is:


I often buy my cup in the supermarket for 5 cents only.


I use and order boxes of 96, one at a time. I use the coupon code "retail5" which takes off 5% and brings the total to $53.16 for $0.55/cup.
That is for the coffee that I like though, like Coffee People's Black Tiger and Jet Fuel and Caribou's Mahogany.
I used to use CoffeeGiant because they had awesome buy 4 boxes get one free, but they stopped. CoffeeForLess is the best place I've found to buy what I like.

If you like medium/light roast stuff like Newmans' Best then Sam's Club or Costco is your place.


Around where I live, the cheapest place usually ends up being Bed Bath & Beyond. They have the best selection and I pay $10-$11 per box (of about 16). Plus I usually have some kind of coupon. I also have a refillable Ekobrew pod.


Great topic. My go to place is All first time customers get 10% their entire order. They have a pretty extensive discount k cups page, weekly sales through their Facebook Page which usually seem to be for 8% off, then to top it off, they have a loyalty program where you can cash in points at checkout. Points pile up fast so for my money, Tiki Hut comes out better than most other outlets.


We go with Costco usually. But you need to taste test the flavor first and make sure you like it. So either try a smaller box at a regular retail store of the Costco flavor you're considering (like Starbucks brand) or taste a sample in-store when they have a demo of the Kirkland brand. You really don't want to be buying a ton of a flavor you end up not liking (Yes I know you can return them, but why waste that much product?)