questionswhich do you like better for streaming tv: amazon…


I think Hulu plus offers the best bang for the buck. I have all three and I mostly watch what's on Hulu. There are loads of regular shows and Hulu also has quite a few exclusive shows that are really quite good. Sometimes Hulu is missing some seasons of shows and I can find them on Netflix or Amazon. I do find Hulu's commercials annoying though.


@zuiquan: I thought if you paid for the service you didn't get commercials on Hulu. I used to use it but I had a problem with it crashing during shows. It took me three tires to watch the last episode of In Plain Sight. I don;t know if it would be better with the paid version. I have a few problems with Netflix (apparently I have phone line problems on my property) but I just have to stop and restart the show, it's never refused to continue the show I was watching. Thanks for the info about programming.


I use Netflix the most. It's really great for catching up on older TV series. My wife & I love doing this. My daughter wouldn't let me hear the end of it, if I tried to cancel Netflix. She watches all kinds of Disney and Nickelodeon shows on-line.

I would probably use Amazon Instant more, but I'd go broke. We tend to use it to supplement Netflix's deficiencies. We will occasionally buy a season of a series when we are caught up on Netflix, but behind in what's already aired on TV. I haven't used their Prime service, but if these types of videos are available free for Prime subscribers, I may have to look into it. I do enjoy using Amazon Instant Video, I just don't really care for it being a-la-carte.

I really don't like Hulu at all. The commercials annoy me to no end. I've also found that some of the shows that I've wanted to watch are only available "On The Web". This confused me for a while, but I basically believe that you are limited to the available "free" episodes.


@moondrake: I've had Hulu Plus for a month or two and have always had to watch the commercials. It is VERY annoying.


@moondrake: That's what I thought before I signed up. I'm paying so why should I have to watch commercials? It's pretty annoying but I'm used to it now I guess. I'd rather they weren't there but there's a lot of stuff I watch on there that I can't get anywhere else.


This question is relevant to me as well :-) I too only have netflix but I'd like to expand that. I'd really like to hear from someone who has amazon prime and uses the free instant video.


Netflix wins for me. I've nearly canceled it twice in the past couple of years. However, every time I've nearly canceled it, they add some really great stuff to streaming. Most recently they added a bunch of the Cartoon Network programming back when Cartoon Network was good, and the Justice League animated.

Hulu Plus just never impressed me. Too infrequently updated catalog with the shows I'd want to watch, and a plethora of modern television "prime time" programming that I would never watch.


I currently use all three of the big companies and am VERY happy with each.

Netflix is fantastic for older series, AD, Adult Swim and kids content.
Hulu is great for the current seasons of shows I watch (Family Guy, American Dad, Daily Show/Colbert Report)
Amazon has an awesome catalog of documentaries (as well as some great movies!).

For what works out to less then $25 a month, you can't go wrong carrying all three. If I HAD to cut one out, I'm honestly not sure which I would pick to cut. All have their perks.


I use both Netflix and Hulu Plus. I seem to get hooked on one, then the other. Overall I think I prefer Netflix because I think it has the best variety. I'll admit, perhaps I need to explore more of Hulu outside of new TV shows but having said that, Hulu's strength is obviously the TV that was just just on.

I feel it's inevitable that Netflix (Mr. Movies / older TV) & Hulu (Ms. Fresh TV) will (a) merge, (b) one of them will try to steal the other's market or (c) one of them will be bought out by Amazon. It'll be interesting to see who goes where and who gets iced out.


Sounds from your Q that you are mostly interested in "mainstream movies," and most of the comments here go to TV shows.

Which is best for movies depends on your taste in movies. Hulu Plus gives you access to most if not all of the Criterion Collection, an amazing collection of movies old and new (e.g. Chaplin, Kurosawa, Goddard et al). I haven't browsed much in the way of movies on Amazon, but they seem to be good for documentaries, BBC miniseries, and assorted mainstream movies ( most movies not available for Prime streaming can be streamed by rental for about $3). Netflix does have a lot of great stuff that you would need to look for. I'm a big Buster Keaton fan, and all of his features are on Netflix.

If you have certain specific movies you want to watch, go to, which will tell you which service (if any) has whatever movie you search for.


Both, really. When I am watching alone or when my friend is hanging out with my dog while I'm at work, we watch TV series, both old and new. US and foreign. But when we want to watch together, we're at different points in different series, so a movie is the best choice. We have broad movie tastes, so we can usually find something on Netflix to watch. But a couple of times a week I have other people over whose tastes aren't as broad and we want something contemporary and at least halfway good in the action/sci-fi/thriller/horror/suspense genres. This is where Netflix usually fails us and I find myself going back to my extensive DVD/Blu-Ray collection. So my question is really to learn about the strengths of each of the systems. I tried looking at Amazon Prime, about which I know the least, and it seems like a substantial amount of content is pay-per-view, which is of no interest to me. If I am going to pay-to-play I would rather buy-to-own.


@moondrake: Gotcha. One thing to keep in mind with Amazon streaming is that you don't need to have a Prime membership to stream anything that is not available free on Prime. In other words, all of Amazon's streaming video content is available to either rent (approx. $3 for movies, $2 for episodes of TV shows), or "buy" (usually $10+) in order to stream anytime; the benefit of Prime membership is that a selection of that stuff becomes free to stream.

BTW the instantwatcher website also lets you browse by genre and then sort by year, RT rating, etc., so you might have some luck getting a flavor of what's out.

EDIT: Actually, looks like instantwatcher is just for Netflix catalogue...still might help you find some gems while you still use Netflix.


I prefer netflix mainly because its more mobile, I tend to watch my streaming from work on while travelling, It works on my phone, my tablet and my computer, and as an app for my television,

I have hulu plus and amazon prime streaming on my tv, but unless I buy a kindle fire, I cant watch streaming on anything but a computer.


Amazon Prime is getting better all the time, although I don't have Netflix or anything else to compare it to yet. It can't stream on Android tablets, so that's lame (unless I'm missing something...). It works great with my Roku, or just streaming in my browser.
The selection isn't the best, but it's getting better. It's mostly just a great plus to the 2 day shipping.


I've got Amazon Prime and I like it. I had problems with Netflix a long time ago so I don't bother with them. Never seriously tried Hulu because I don't need to.

I got Prime a long time ago for the shipping, so videos are a bonus to me. It helps that the things I want to watch are on Prime. They offer a 30 day trial, so it couldn't hurt to try it and see if it's what you want.


I have Netflx but they are not showing any Episodes of "Eastbound and Down" and now I just might cancel it


@netstrada: I love being contacted by a spam account via year-old woot thread. It's kinda magical that way.