questionswhat is the best way to suck up to jumbowoot?


1) Post on deals.woot on a lucky day
2) Have a black triangle at random times
3) Member for a year (I think that's how I got it)


flattery, fawning, congratulatory statements about any post....that would work for most people but not Jumbowoot. Jumbowoot requires cash (not a check or paypal deposit) with large bills being preferred. Don't call it a bribe, call it the cost of doing business. Jumbowoot doesn't like gifts, because jumbo has a whole warehouse full of trinkets to play with.

I really have no idea, but this sounded nice.


@meh3884: I must be doing it wrong. I've never been rewarded for the crap I submit.


I've gotten stuff for the following things:
Voting on sponsored deals
Voting on the fresh tab
Having the top comment on a deal on a specific day (I think this was for any deal)
Having a black triangle
Posting a deal that went popular during a month

I think there was one more that related to ask the community but I forget exactly what it was. I try to just be active on the site.


don't suck up, just do what you do best


@mkentosh: What if 'what we do best' is sucking up?


@achyder: Be active daily(on deals.woot, being sexually active suggested but not required) and contribute to the community and you will see your day.


Don't ask questions like this to Wooters. Just ask @jumbowoot!


When you want to thank him, even if there are questions active regarding the same topic, you have to start a new thread. :P


@ecriscit: That's the difference between the moderators and jumbowoot. The moderators will accept small bills and/or boxes of chocolate in exchange for quality posts.


@justincredibleg: I don't think we need to contribute to the community anymore using your "other activity"... don't you think the world is getting a little too crowded!


Apparently I need to ask more questions but I feel like I ask to many already.


Basically just being really active I think :)


Suddenly an old Mary Poppins tune came to mind: "You must be kind, you must be witty. Very sweet & fairly pretty." ;)


G@pamfenway: Goodness, that's how I live my life already.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

All told.


Can't resist - did not downvote, but really awful question.


@gertiestn: By golly! No wonder you've got a black triangle!


@klozitshoper: Not really any worse than most of the questions lately. 'black triangle this, reputation that, blah blah'


I tend to woot! from work, so I'm not as active as I could be, but having a green triangle (and a reward for it last month) was a pleasant surprise.

I also tend to NOT down-vote things - I'll up-vote things that people have taken the time and effort to find, but I'm not going to slam on those that I don't like - I just let my silence do the talking.


May I humbly ask why you would want to suck up to @jumbowoot?


In Mother Russia, You don't get coupon codes from @Jumbowoot, @Jumbowoot gets coupon codes from you!


Probably sending a steak, bacon, or chocolate of the month club gift subscription.


@claudicina: Jumbowoot is the giver of coupons. For me, it's like getting BOGO meth.