questionswhat is the best old radio show ?


Green Hornet, Lone Ranger, Dragnet (elliot ness, not "friday"), and Mystery.


"Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true.
Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

I wish all the old archives of old time radio could be found, sadly they are gone forever :(


Humor: Jack Benny for the US, The Goon Show for Britain

Suspense: Yep, probably The Shadow, although I am partial to Suspense as well. Sometimes Inner Sanctum was good.

Holiday: The Cinnamon Bear


@rileyper: they're still out there

[edit: keep it legal, piracy is uncool]


Fibber McGee and Molly (the closet was endlessly funny). The George Burns/Gracie Allen show (I actually have ALL of them on CD, and they're still funny). I loved Gunsmoke. It was strange, when Gunsmoke first showed up on television, to realize that the shows I was hearing and watching on TV were the same ones I'd just listened to, before (there was a time when there was crossover between the two mediums).

Milton Berle. Perry Mason.

Here's a place where you can (in my case) revisit memories, or make new ones.


just downloaded this one
"Old Time Radio Shows - Westerns"
1. The Cisco Kid - Flowers for Poly [26:58]
2. Fort Laramie - Never the Twain [29:27]

Playing Time.........: 56:26

1. The Gene Autry Show - Church In Wilson Valley [29:47]
2. The Roy Rogers Show - Corky Lewis [24:51]

Playing Time.........: 54:39

I remember you could buy box sets of cassettes in the 80's that had a whole year's worth of a show.


Little Orphan Annie. Remember to drink your Ovaltine!


+1 for Cinnamon Bear and the Crazy Quilt Dragon during Christmastime.


I guess I would have to say the Bickersons.

I was younger, but at times this show had me almost in pain from laughing.

And for linking pleasure:


I love OTR too!

My favorites are:

-Sherlock Holmes
-The Shadow
- X minus 1 (great scifi program)

You can get a lot of great free otr from here:

They have x-minus 1 and sherlock, but no shadow I think.


I think it was called "Radio Mystery Theater." E.G.Marshall was the host. I used to listen to it on a little pocket radio when I was tucked into bed back in the late 60s/early 70s. The theater in mind sometimes was scarier than what I saw on TV.


@kamikazeken: well yea they are, I'm talking about episodes that haven't been found


@rhbama13: The Twilight Zone isn't really OTR. It originated on TV. Many of the scripts have been reworked for radio/audio by Stacy Keach et al, but those are n't really OTR, that is a brand new production.

Yes, CBS RMT was very good! The Holmes stories were usually pretty good. Johnny Dollar was variable... some were very good, some were very corny. Dragnet was consistently good. Bob Hope was good, especially the special "remotes" that he did from US military bases.

Sadly, many of the humor & variety shows were, IMHO, quite terrible and don't hold up at all well today.