questionshas your random order shipped?


Since "random" started to mean "AA or Anvil" I lost interest.


@jsimsace: The long sleeve randoms were all AA shirts.

The last round, I skipped the t-shirts for myself (it was also mixed), but I did buy three for my SO. Alas, they were all Anvils this time, and there's no comparable size.

Some folks buy flowers to say "I love you"; I bought random AA Woot shirts instead. :)


I ordered 3 tees, 3 LS tees, a zip up hoodie, the random greeting cards and the random pocket prints. The long sleeve tees have shipped, I'm literally dancing in anticipation!


Long sleeve + hoodie shipped. Guess the short sleeves are more complicated.


@lonelypond: Yeah, my totes have shipped now too. I would have thought the regular shirts would have shipped first if things were shipping separately, since that is the norm for randoms - but either way I'm just excited to get them :)


Still no shipping for my random tee...


No shipped T for me yet.


I got the email for my random hoodie but it hasn't updated with an arrival date. Mine usually changes a few days in transit, anyways. Probably get it around the 17th or 18th here in Seattle with the infamous snail post.


I ordered regular T's and no shipping notification yet, but they did say orders would start shiping on the 5th so I fugure any day now


On my end, both orders of long sleeves, the pullovers, the zip-up, and the totes have shipped.

The pocket prints and posters have not.


Mine hasn't shipped yet. I'm getting antsy. Zippy hoodie.


@narfcake: "Both orders of"?!? When you saw that blurry yellow question mark appear on shirt.woot, you must have had a wonderful time!

I ordered posters, pullover hoodie plus one to trade, a zip-up hoodie, and a tote. The hoodies and tote have shipped but not left Texas yet; the posters haven't shipped yet. I'm getting excited already! Which probably just means that I'm going to be let down when they arrive. :(


@neuropsychosocial: My wallet was cringing, but to pass up AA Woot shirts? Yeah, not likely.