questionsdid you see that sansas are back?


Hooray! I like the narrative:
"The original scrappy underdog MP3 player returns to its natural home, bringing a message of hope, renewal, and cheap multimedia playback to a weary nation. We've missed you these last few years, Sansa. Let's never do that again."


Ha! Yup.

But no 256MB models. That make @phillystyle sad. :(


@phillystyle: I am fond of the colorful 2g clips myself. Great for workouts. But they are sansas, so I rejoice!


I used to buy a few every time we had them, make some mp3 mixes, and pop 'em in an old cassette tape case to give to people as a 21st Century mix tape. I've been missing them for a while too.


I have one of these. Don't remember if it was a Woot purchase or not, but it's small, cheap, and does exactly what it's supposed to do with minimal fuss. It's held up really well.


Huh. And right after I finally broke down and bought a Sony Walkman.

Oh, well.


That's awesome, but my old E-series refurb seems like it'll last forever so I won't need another unless I lose it.


Thanks for posting, I did not see. My iPod has been coming up lame lately so this is exactly what I need!


Happy to see them back at Woot, but not so happy about the prices. Newegg had these at the same price for the longest, and offered free shipping.


instabuy! thanks for the heads up!


I'm going to get one, fill it with melancholy music, and name it Sansa Stark


I love my Sansa Fuze. I need another Fuze, but it's only available at ridiculous prices, even for the refurbs. I have 2 Clips. I have 2 Fuze+'s. I hate them. HATE. Clip too small. Fuze+ too touch sensitive. My Fuze jack connection is a bit loose and plays like crap, to the point where I have to jiggle the cord (I use it in my vehicle). It's killing me. End vent.


Love them, they are the best!