questionswho is ready?


@anotherhiggins: you are now in part of the Dr. Who clan, welcome :)



APRIL 23rd


@woothulhu: Thanks!

If any of you have Androids, I tried to get this Live Wallpaper of the Tardis flying through the Vortex on my Incredible a while back, but it kept Force Closing :(

But maybe it will work for some of you.


This is relevant to my interests.


@woothulhu: we are not an army. We are a group of fanatics and everyone knows that fanatics are some of the most dangerous beings on the planet.


I made one of these for my desk at work, hopefully you all enjoy too:


I have this on my desk -

It's great and when you plug something in or press the sign on the door, it sounds like you left the breaks on. XD

EDIT: and the light on top works


@theoneill555: we keep dog treats in the Tardis cookie jar, and she gets excited every time she hears the trademark Tradis noise. Now she thinks she's been good every time we watch the show

On a side note, you guys have any favorite episodes? Any Doctor, any season...

I just rewatched the 'family of blood' mini-saga, and it's one of my favorites. I love the writing and the tone, a different kind of dark than the usual episodes.


Hell and damnation! Every last one of you please promise to DVR this for me in case my dvr goes kablooey. I will be attending a wedding. In a wenchly pirate outfit. On a pirate boat. With the Irish. And a ska band. Dear lord, there only needs to be a fez before it sounds like a Whovian episode in itself.

(BTW, any Torchwood fans? I don't get Starz & heard it's coming back in July on Starz and maybe Netflix)


@lavikinga: I'll trade a copy of the episode for pics from the wedding.


@anotherhiggins: the nebulae will know how to find them.


@lavikinga: How convenient; I'm a fairly nebulous guy ;-)


Heck yeah! I saw this trailer and was freaking out. I can't wait for the episode with the Dummy. My mom is gonna freak out XD

@lavikinga: Let's hope torchwood is on Hulu then...


@theoneil555: I think there are others. Similar to the way the Master hid, there had to have been other loopholes, and the universe is a large place.

Oh, and then there's River...