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I still see some bumper stickers on cars. The vast majority are either political or band-related though. They don't seem as popular as they used to.

I've personally never been a huge fan, but my parents instilled in me the idea that bumper stickers will destroy your car's paint job when I was a child, so that might be why.

This actually makes me wonder what people do with bumper stickers that don't go on their cars.


Yes, my mother taught me that putting stickers on the car ruins the paint job and, anyway, advertises opinions that are usually best kept to oneself. I mostly agree with my mother--absolutely on the paint job and usually on the opinions. But I bought a car last year, the first I've bought with my own money, and I decided to put a couple innocuous stickers on the back window--a JRR Tolkien initials sticker, an N7 sticker, and an sci-fi ray gun sticker. I know I'm advertising to other people, and in some ways that's kind of cool--like calling to like-- and also stupid--if I piss someone off on the road, they'll be able to recognize me again by the stickers--but mostly it's a personal thing. Those stickers mark my car as fully mine, as part of me and my interests. I still grin and sigh happily almost every time I see my car and those silly little stickers.
All the other bumper-type stickers I have/get? They go on my pc towers, paintball and gun gear, notebooks, etc.


@thedogma: We do print a lot for non-profit organizations that probably give them away and/or sell them as donations to whichever cause they are promoting for. The political ones are definitely one of our biggest sellers but I just can't imagine someone wants to put a sticker on their car talking crap about the president and not feel like their car's safety might be at stake.

Our typical size is a 3x10" rectangle but we are definitely doing more of the smaller sized stickers now which I can see going on a rear window. We run our facebook and always encourage people to post photo's of where they put their stickers at but I'm not sure if we have enough followers that are true customers, or if maybe they just don't see our posts.

And as for the paint job, no worries there :) Our adhesive (not sure about others) won't hurt the paint. :)


Rear window to be precise.

eta: adhesive might not hurt the paint, but many years of sunlight will certainly show when the sticker is removed.

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I see a lot of "My kid is...." bumper stickers, quite a few political ones, and a lot of pro-life ones. I had one custom printed for my friend who fought in Vietnam that he put on his truck that says, "Not as lean, not as mean, but still a Marine" with a flag logo. I know some people hang bumper stickers up in their cubicles, although I don't see why, personally. At sci-fi cons I see a lot of really funny bumper stickers but never buy them because I don't know what I'd do with them.


That's pretty impressive! I actually zoomed in on some stickers curiously looking to see if any were our stickers and sure enough, the blue "2012" and a couple other political ones we printed! Looks like the I <3 <3 we might have printed as well :) We are one, if not, the only company that has rounded edges on our stickers. Its funny what some people customize on theirs, we get some really good quotes and sayings, tons of political voices out there.


@graphicsland: Why would someone feel like their safety is at stake if they put a bumper sticker disagreeing with the president on their car? I don't follow the logic...


@figgers3036: I was speaking about vandalism - sometimes people take things too far over something as simple as a sticker on a car


I ordered as many as I could from a anti gay organization, they went in the trash.
But as an added bonus for ordering the stickers the emails started.
I asked them to explain exactly how the gay couple across the street will in anyway minimize my marriage.
The emails continued, they were about feeding on hate, ignorance, and bigotry but had no logical explanation when I brought that up in a 2nd email they stopped emailing me. I did ask how much profit is there in exploiting people's hate.


@caffeine_dude: We print a decent amount of gay rights stickers and have templates on the site to customize them however you want. But a lot of the time, it seems like they are used more for pranks on a friend's car by the verbiage on the sticker.


@graphicsland: You know, I think I haven't put a sticker on a car since the eighties, but I have used them frequently, just the same.

My favorite use for stickers is on laptops. I am not alone in this, of course. My second favorite is on the cover of any notepad I happen to be carrying around, and the number one sticker choice (for me) is the ever popular "Come Back With a Warrant" from the EFF. I have friends that have this sticker on their laptop, but I so dislike the detailed "frisking" that often encourages.

Last time I had a sticker on a car, it said "Artificial Intelligence Is Better Than Natural Stupidity". I had a police car following me close behind one day, and after nervously waiting for them to light me up, realized that they were reading the sticker, and laughing, after which they backed off. When I couldn't get the sticker off, I had the car repainted. No sense in drawing that kind of attention.

:-D :-D :-D


@caffeine_dude: A thousand hugs for you. Love your story. Thanks for making my morning happy. :-)

@figgers3036: Stating a political opinion in an area that is opposed to it can cause vandalism. It's one thing to speak your opinion in public, but a bumper sticker is just hanging out in the parking lot, innocently minding its own business, and I've seen things keyed, or kicked (steel-toed boots can do a lot of damage), and in general smacked around.

Peoples is crazy.


@shrdlu: ^^ Exactly..just takes one person while your car is parking in an open lot


I haven't put a sticker on a bumper since I had a chrome bumper on an old, beat up truck. Used to put them in the back window, but haven't seen a sticker I'd bother putting on my car in years.


I get stickers all the time, but no, I don't have any on my car. Never have, even when I drove... We gift these stickers to everyone. My daughter and I started it when she was little. Money was tight being a single parent, so with "Good Behavior" she sometimes got a sticker. We did silly little stickers when she was a little girl, and they just grew. Now we do big wall ones. My whole family buys them for everyone as a Thinking of You...thing.


@pyxientx: It's like when kids go to the doctor and they say if you're good while you get your shots, they'll give you a sticker. Even though they give you one regardless :)


I don't do stickers on my car, but my daughter likes to put them on her guitar case.


@raijen: Our Stickers for your Band templates get used for that a lot!!


I don't have a car so I'm running low on bumpers. I was disappointed when Woot! stopped having bags of crap during Woot-offs, because I figured that eventually they'd send me a bumper.


@gertiestn: Lol maybe one day you'll get lucky!