questionswhy do people line up for black friday or show up…


You try to find a (new) ps3 with 2 games for $199.99 online, when you do, post a link and shut me up


The irony for people who sit in line for more than a day, is that going to work instead of camping out at BestBuy would probably have made them more money, than they're saving on whatever Black Friday deals they're lined up and ready to fight over...

take the BestBuy $199 42 inch TV... I got one of those Silo 42's for the garage they had on the september WootOff for 356... 3 days at Bestbuy instead of working would be a loss of about 300 bucks... Take that vs the $150 savings for some no-Name TV, and yeah.


Dude, they don't have computers... That's why they are lining up at 4AM to begin with. To get internet. Duhhh. Not that it will make much difference. Once they get internet they will just stay up all night playing Tower Defense and perusing deals.woot, so they should get out of the house once per year even if that be in line at 4AM. I'll be heading to work at 4AM to avoid traffic. :(


@gregorylikescheapstu: No internet. Good point.

Or maybe, they want to get to the stores early to use the Internet there so that they can shop on other sites, like woot and Amazon. Just a theory, of course.


@mtaveira: You sir/madam/robotic lifeform, are a winner in my book. I only wish that the Woot PTB (powers that be) would let me have a few extra upvotes.


@waltertangofoxtrot: The $200 TV at BestBuy is a Sharp ... hardly a no-name. Nonetheless, it was bad enough that there were 6 tents when I passed by the Puente Hills BB on Monday morning to work. On Wednesday morning, there were tents wrapping around and down half the length of the building.

The way I figure it, if they want to camp out for a "deal", that's their prerogative. Me ... I rather stay warm at home instead.


Lets look at it in this light, this is a "cool" social event they can talk about in the future. How many people can say they had sex outside of BB at 3am in a tent?
Don't get me wrong this is not "my thing".


@caffeine_dude: Amen! Where are wooters sense of adventure?!