questionshow do i protect my laptop in a hot and dusty…


You've probably done what you can. If it were me, I'd find some way to do without it, although I recognize that it may just not be possible for you to do so. I'd use actual pen and paper, or a cheap tablet, but your consumer grade laptop is almost certainly not cut out for the environment you're about to dump it into. There are things like Panasonic Toughbooks which have some amazing qualities, but I'm quite sure that it would be cheaper for you to buy a used laptop and sacrifice it than to buy a Panasonic (one that would work for you will cost a minimum of 4k-5k).

Heat will be your greater problem. Don't cover up the fans; that will be worse than the dust that might get drawn in.

Is it at all possible for you to use a phone instead? There's some pretty decent phones out there, nowadays, and they'll be far more tolerant of both the dust and the heat.

What's the max heat you expect? Is it possible to substitute something else?


Some places sell port covers and/or inserts. Might look in to that.

But I've been using an old Acer laptop at softball fields (VERY dusty) and soccer fields (less dusty, but hellishly hot) for years with no problem. I've shaded it when it was very hot, but that's about it. Upgraded to a new Samsung and again, no problems (mostly in the cold & windy & dusty so far).

Something else to think about is rain. I found that those clear dry-cleaning clothes bags are great. The hole in the top where the hangar head goes through is perfect for power & audio cables. You just have to cut it down a little or it's too long.