questionsanybody know why the woot family of sites doesn't…


It's been broached before, but no official answer that I'm aware of. I'd use it. I'd use it a lot.


They have apps made by other people, but I think woot should make their own full fledged app. I would even pay a dollar for it!


It'd be weird to pay for a woot app, since most (all?) shopping sites offer free mobile apps (Amazon, Gilt, airlines, etc.). Still, if I could track and interact just like I've got with deals.woot, then I'd seriously consider it.


I'd settle for a nice, mobile-optimized version of the website, especially for deals.woot. But it needs to be easy to bypass and get back to the full site. Few things are more annoying than getting caught in a redirect loop back to the mobile site when you're trying to look at a full site, due to some bad html coding.