questionsanyone have the target redcard debit card? how is…


My wife and I have them. Easy way to knock off 5% of your total purchase, and considering we do most of our household and personal needs shopping there, it is a nice savings and can add up. For whatever reason, it does take awhile for the transactions to post to our checking account.


I have one, and I'm happy with it. I get 5% off every purchase, free shipping on (not that I'm particularly a fan of their website), and it's tied to my pharmacy rewards card so when I make a pharmacy purchase with my redcard, my pharmacy card is automatically credited. They usually post all of my purchases for the week to my bank debit card on Thursdays, but occasionally they'll post on a different day, so don't count on that.


My sister has the Target credit card (sounds like the same/ similar thing?) and she's a big fan. She does most of her shopping there and it's come in quite handy for her.

I would absolutely get one if there were a Target closer to me. Sadly, the closest Target's about a half hour away and doesn't have a grocery I'm out of luck. But I'd recommend it, I've only heard good things.


Works great, haven't had any issues with it at all. I do most of my grocery shopping at Super Target and shop the sales, use the coupons and then get 5% off on top of that. It's a fairly substantial amount that gets knocked off. The free shipping works great. Target actually ships faster than Walmart where I live even though there's a Walmart distribution center about 5 miles from where I live.


If you shop there a lot, 5% really adds up. Never had any problems with it!


I love it.. the 5% off is kinda whatever (bonus I guess), but I use it for Free Shipping on their website when the deals are better there (which most of the time it is)...


We have one, and I'm not sure it was a great idea for us. We don't have it as a strict debit card, but it does auto-pay from our checking account which might be more dangerous really. The way we have it, the card auto-pays once a month or something like that, which leads to all your month's purchases coming out as one big transaction.

In hindsight, debit is a better way to go.


I have the debit card. It is great. I get 5% off, they don't pay Visa/MC/etc fees. Free shipping on clearance from the website is nice. It does take some time sometimes to post to the bank account.


I'm with @thedogma because my nearest Target is 50 miles away. That makes it hard to form an opinion.


My wife told me all about it and she loves it, our wives are always right


I think I need to investigate this. I used to have (and it is probably still active, I never closed it, just don't use it) the credit card, but I have since stopped using credit cards. I would definitely use a debit card though.


I was worried about annoying auto-dialed prerecorded messages, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for anyone here. Thank you all for your helpful responses. I'll be signing up for one now.


@mkdr: definitely look into it. no fees, no contract, no nothing. you use a debit pin just like your regular debit card. and, as already mentioned numerous times, you get the 5% discount on everything and free shipping on

I used to work there, which is why I got it in the first place, but it's been years and I still use it often.

Please be aware that the reason they can offer you a discount like this is because they sell your information - not personalized info, but purchase habits, etc. You won't get increased mail or anything, though Target does send me some great coupons in the mail now that I shop there more often :)


It's really a no lose situation. If you shop at Target and have a checking account, there's no reason not to get the Red Card. It's fantastic.


Worth it. Very easy. Sometimes takes a few days for the bank to process the debits, which is fine.

I consider it my sales tax rebate card, since sales tax is around 7% and most is cut off by the discount.


@omnichad: That's an interesting way to look at it -- never thought about it that way before...