questionswho else has a lazy usps carrier?


Yeah, that's pretty much all of them, but this is going to be one of the rare times I stick up for the post office. They keep extending routes to the point where any given mail carrier simply does not have time to knock on your door, wait for an answer, put up with your small talk, and then move on. Add to this the fact that the post office (hint, I've now stopped sticking up for them and am back to normal) does everything in their power to not do their one and only job...deliver the mail. Odds are the box wasn't even on the truck in the first place.


I've never had an issue with USPS, Fed Ex on the other hand can diaf. I agree with stile99 I bet the package came after the carrier left for their route so that's the blanket thing they put. Just be lucky it's coming USPS so it will come tomorrow and not Monday.


Once I informed the USPS I was through with months of having my packages flung at my door (I live at the end of the hall), I've had pretty good service since. I expect with the upcoming holidays to see that tossed out the window entirely. :)


My guy apparently can't walk up 2 steps to ring the doorbell when he leaves a package. Instead, he'll just scoot it across the porch from ground level. It would be really nice to know exactly when a package is left so we're not sitting inside waiting for it all day. (mail usually comes any time between noon and 3pm)
I sent an email to the local USPS, citing some code that states they're supposed to attempt to contact the resident when leaving a package. They responded that they would let him know, but it hasn't helped. All I want is a knock on the door or a ring of the bell so I know something has been left before the neighborhood kids steal it or the squirrels eat it.


I have the best mail carrier. Maybe it's because I bake cookies for her.


In our area, the person who brings the daily mail is different than the one who delivers the boxes and Priority packages. So I sometimes get deliveries two times in a day.


My mail carrier is AMAZING! He has learned how to fit a square peg into a round hole! Usually means the box containing my delivery no longer has any corners and I need a crowbar to get it out of our mailbox, but at least I know there is no chance of anyone stealing it. Yesterday he managed to fit 3 bills, a multi-page advert with coupons, a newspaper AND 2 pairs of jeans from Old Navy in our mailbox...I plan on calling him to help pack if we ever take a trip.


I have to say I get surprisingly great service from my mail carrier and from UPS and FedEx. I get a lot of deliveries, as I presume most wootizens do. I have a small table on my porch next to my door, under my mailbox (I have a mailbox on my house). My packages are left on the table, or under if too big. If thin and light, they are left between the screen door and main door. I think it helps that my husband works from home and often is outside when the packages come, so he will walk across the street to the truck to save the delivery driver walking or just help carry in general. I get heavy cat food delivered at least once a month and I know that must be a pain, but I've never had any issues.

I can only imagine what it could be like...


Apparently we have a route no one wants and haven't had a regular mail carrier for most of the 9 years we've lived here. As soon as a better route opens up our carrier bails so we always have the newbies and substitutes.

My only beef is this...At one time there was a crime wave of mail theft in our area. We didn't want anyone stealing our mail so we bought a locking mailbox. Our mail carriers (yes, all of them!) can't seem to grasp the concept of why anyone would spend a pile of money on a locking mailbox and insist on leaving the mail sticking out of the flap. I call the main office every time and have even offered to come down and teach a class but it still happens.

Can you tell this bugs me? :)


Where I live we don't have a regular mailman, I'm assuming our route must stink. There are times they completely overlook my little street with only three houses on it and don't even deliver our mail (and I wonder why I always pay bills late, lol!). Fortunately with boxes they usually open our porch door and place it just inside the door. Once in a while, they leave them outside, but that's rare.

I have most of my woot! packages go to my job though (I had a problem a while back with most of my mail...not the rest of my families being delivered somewhere completely different, so to avoid my goodies from woot! ending up somewhere else, I have them go to my job). The mail carrier here is interesting, sometimes she'll say I wasn't in the office and to pick up in the post office (even though I was here!), sometimes she'll jam it into the mailbox (this is fun!), and others she'll drive down and deliver it. No complaints though, at least it arrives, and she's never damaged anything!


We not only get the wrong mail, including someone's tax bill, it comes reeking of cigarette smoke. Having boxes in my bedroom awaiting wrapping for Christmas is not an option. I have complained, nothing changes.


@jimeezlady: Haha, same here. The small Woot boxes are a tad bit wider than the mailbox opening, but that's never stopped my mail lady from getting it in there! Or back when I did order Woot shirts, three bags at once.

My last big order (randoms - two orders of long sleeves, pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, and totes) was left at the front door, though, in an USPS bin. It was pretty epic.


you've gotta contact your congressman to get any real results. The post office lives in fear of inquiries from congressional reps. And yes, your representative's office WILL usually follow through for you.


My last mail carrier doesn't bring any box or large package with her to deliver ( even if it would fit in your mailbox ). You get a message that always says "knocked, no answer" although she never does - we were working in our front yard one day & she passed by us without ever getting out of her car. We've also gotten mail where she was 2 or 3 mail boxes off for the entire stretch. I know that happens on occasion, but it shouldn't be 1-2 times a week.

We've also reported her because sometimes her boyfriend, who is not a postal employee, delivers mail with ( and sometimes for ) her - which is illegal. Nothing has ever come of it. She also breaks our mail box so the door falls open and won't clip into place. The first day with a new mailbox and the metal clip that holds the door shut was broken completely off & sitting in our mail box and the door was bent down so it wouldn't close. While we didn't witness her do it, it was fine a half hour before she delivered mail.


No problem with my USPS carrier, in fact he almost always knocks my door down when he knocks on it when I have a package.

On Trac however, Amazon Primes past carrier, exhibits the problem from OP 90% of the time.


I had this happen a few months ago. I work from home and am always here.

I got a notice in my mailbox that the carrier attempted to deliver a package but I wasn't home. Bull.

I went to the USPS and talked to the local supervisor. I told him that the carrier never came to the door. He said, 'well, he doesn't have to. In fact he doesn't even need to bring the package with him.' I said great, go get my package here is the slip.

He comes back a couple of mins later and says 'It's not here, the carrier must have it'.

Great... So the carrier didn't come to my door, and is just riding around with my package because he's too lazy to get out of his truck.....


Update: I went to my not-so local office and just beat the morning rush. The clerk took my printed info and disappeared into the back with her coffee. 15 minutes later she came back with fresh coffee, no package, and no sheet of paper. She saw me patiently knitting at her counter and vanished again.

When next I saw her - a further 5 minutes - she told me that "her supervisor" would be out to talk with me.

10 minutes more pass and a guy wanders by with my print out. Then he wanders back the other way with some other guy and they're discussing how to find my package. I had to raise my voice to be heard and suggested they tell me, as the customer, what's going on with my package.

They had no clue, of course. Eventually the first guy tells me he thinks my package is on one of two trucks and should be delivered today.

The package was in fact on my stoop when I got home from trying to pick it up after nobody tried to deliver it yesterday.

And we pay for this?


@inkycatz: Maybe you should set up a bean-bag toss style game, whereby your carrier earns a cold glass of water or a couple of cookies every time he flings the package through your delivery chute.


@aphroat: You don't pay for it. Taxpayers haven't paid any money to the USPS in ages. You always wait 1 day if you get some weired message about delivery.


I don't get it, my usps guy walks everywhere, but he is HUGE. I would love to have his job just to loose the weight. He always finds a way to cram everything in the mailbox too, that usually meand bent card or other items,


Two weeks ago, I was home sick all day. Was in the living room or dining room near the front door pretty much all afternoon, and never left the house. The next morning when I left for work, I found a notice stuck to my door saying they had attempted delivery (of my shirt.woot random order) and left my package at my complex office. No one ever knocked. Funny how that works.


I hate the USPS/Fedex/UPS delivery system here in Boston. For some reason NOBODY rings the bell or brings stuff in the hall.
I ordered my engagement ring online, and they assured me it would require a signature. Sure enough, they left the expensive package unattended at the doorstep. It seriously angers me...


Not anymore, I moved. He was the latest mailman I'd ever seen. I'm driving home at 5 and I'd see him delivering very late. My new address, the guy is like clockwork. 2 o'clock, you can set your watch to him, and he delivers bigger packages right to the door.


My regular carrier is kind, patient, and always laughs when the windows are open, the dogs are barking at him, and I say, "You may NOT lick the mailman!" Woot shirt bags are always brought to my door, as is any package heavy enough that he thinks it would be difficult for me to carry it. I've also found the local post office workers incredible: my Randoms from the last Woot Plus sale have been drifting around the country for over a month and they're been diligent about trying to track them down.

Woot shipped my Little Giant via Smartpost; I should probably bake cookies for the carrier!


@abramokids: Engagement ring arrived?!?! Y U NO POST PICTURES?!?!?!


@neuropsychosocial: AH! I'M TERRIBLE! I gave it to her a few months ago. Maybe I'll post a topic in a bit. I really haven't posted much of anything lately. Keep an eye out


USPS has been great for me. All of the significant delivery problems, or damaged package problems i've ever had have been FedEx and UPS... UPS trending more towards damaged packages, and FedEx trending more toward delivery delays, leaving my package in the rain (yes, i'm home and yes my doorbell works, lazy tards) or etc.

although i have learned one thing.. If i want my package the next day - never, ever order it next day through UPS. 5 times over as many years, and not once has a very important, need it the next day package arrived successfully the next day, when using UPS. lol.


@zapp brannigan: Beg to differ: as somebody who regularly buys things that are shipped via USPS, and who buys postage in order to ship things to others via USPS, I'm paying for the (lack of) service. What I can't figure is why the service remains crappy despite weekly rate hikes claimed as necessary to permit USPS to improve service.


I can't complain about delivery here. If I have something that won't fit into my streetside mailbox the carrier brings all of my mail and puts it on my porch. UPS and FedEx always bring stuff onto the porch, ring the bell and leave. I have actually had my USPS carrier call me at work late in the afternoon to inform me that I had a package that arrived at the Post Office. He asked me if I wanted to come pick it up before they closed or just have it delivered the next day.


I have a rural route carrier - she is lazy. Will leave a signature card in the box even though I'm home, forcing me to have to go to the P.O. to pick up my package...


USPS - We have a variety of mail carriers. Some days they walk right past our house - even if we've got outgoing mail. They've lost packages - but my absolute favorite was the one I had to go to the Post Office to talk to them about - it was tagged as "delivered" a few days before - I never saw it. Turns out, I'm not joking here, someone in the back was using it as a door stop.
FedEx - we usually have good luck with them.
UPS - My husband gets work deliveries here often, they are heavy and compact. We have 4 steps to get onto our large porch. FedEx delivered stuff here with no problems for a year, the boxes made it to the porch, stacked neatly near our door and not in the way of anyone. UPS? The literally left 3 boxes on our lawn and on on a step - that was just one delivery. Today they stacked them on the top step - across the step, upside down.


Note to self: Get gift cards for USPS, FedEx and UPS drivers for Christmas this year. All of them bring packages to the porch and ring the doorbell. If I see them ahead of time, I walk out to get the packages (except for the case of paper towels from Amazon).


@pooflady: If my delivery people were like that, they would get hooked up during the holidays.