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@figgers3036: They pay some, but not all federal taxes. Payroll taxes like Social Security and Medicare and import/export taxes just to name a few. Instead of federal income taxes, most pay that commonwealth income tax. It is handled by the P.R. equivalent to the IRS.

@nabadome: Ironically, I can't figure out which one the US would allow first. With Palestine, most citizens support statehood and admission into the UN, but it's political suicide here. At least both the President and Romney supported Puerto Rican self-determination. But, I doubt a continued divided Congress will allow statehood any time soon.


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I think once they see their tax bill they will want to take back that vote. I saw a quote from someone that said they favored it because it meant they could get more money from the federal government. Just goes to show that they are thinking about what could be coming in and not about what is going out.

In that same interview, someone else said that regardless of what happened, they would be Puerto Ricans first and Americans second. With as much division that we currently have, do we really want to add a state that will see themselves as Americans second?


@lumpthar: I know. Wasn't talking about 51. But thanks for the math lesson.


@lumpthar: You're right. But 53 is prime. Guam, American Samoa, get on that.


@curtisuxor: I thought Puerto Ricans don't pay federal taxes, just commonwealth (i.e. 'state') taxes. I could be horribly wrong, but that was always what I understood.


@miquinn: PRIMARILY indivisible!

I laughed, I'll admit...


Hold up everyone. Puerto Rico only held a non-binding resolution vote, so all that really means is that if Congress wanted to try and make Puerto Rico a state, in general the PR population likes that.

Honestly I'm cool with it, I'd hope that statehood would help bring PR living standards up to the rest of the US while more fully integrating them into US culture and our persona, and hopefully shifting us a little bit more to theirs, what with that whole melting pot thing that everyone seems to be less and less of a fan of nowadays. It'll also give the population more of a say as to what goes on internationally, as right now the US says what happens for them, but they have no voting members in Congress and no electoral college votes.


We got 99 problems and Puerto Rico's not one of them.
Let's keep it that way.


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Statehood probably won't happen for Puerto Rico, simply because so few people in Puerto Rico actually want it. They had those two very weird votes where, arguably, only 61% of the 54% of the people who voted want statehood...not really huge support.

I would like to see it happen, or at the very least have equal representation in the US Congress. I find it absurd that Washington D.C., P.R., and the other US territories don't have any say in the legislative branch of the government. It is literal taxation without representation. Either we cut ties completely or completely accept them. It's just morally wrong to keep it the way it is.

In short, I see Palestine becoming a state before P.R.


@miquinn: But it is divisible... by itself.


Oh, I think it's going to get stalled in Congress. Adding a state is complicated. But I like the circular field of stars flag redesign.


The following comment may be based on flawed assumptions:
It will suck for them with having to pay income tax. They have little responsibility to the Feds currently. In return, they do not get a vote in Congress.
Seems like a pretty good deal currently. They can be citizens and have no responsibility to the Feds. Can Tennessee get the same deal?

If they want to be a state, more power to them.
Bienvenidos a nos amigos Puertorricenses (I think that's right)


Dang it, it's going to take me forever to remember its 51 states instead of 50.


Haven't most of them already moved here?

J/K Bienvenida a mis amigos


I think it's great to have another territory become a state. Too long have we held territories and not given them a true voice in who represents them. This is a great step. Welcome Puerto Rico. Now... can we get rid of that pesky passport requirement?


@wilfbrim: Probably the same way we do now. We have millions and millions of people that don't speak English and have no desire to. I don't see how that would be any different for PR. We don't have an official language now so I can't see anything changing. From what I know they speak both English and Spanish (though primarily Spanish) in PR so they would fit right in.

Edit: This read differently than I meant it in regards to PR. I'm damn fine with them becoming a state.


@morriea: sexy flag is sexy

But now we need 53 states since we are "One Nation, Indivisible"


Wow. Didn't see that coming. I never thought that PR would really want to become a state. There would be a flag redesign, but the bigger issue is one of language. Don't know how to deal with that one.


Can't wait. Next in line, Guam!


No more Tax haven status...


Now I'm going to have to learn another state capital.