questionsshould the redskins change their name?


Should the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame change their name? Should the Kansas City Chiefs or the Atlanta Braves change their names? How about the Cleveland Indians? If you don't draw the line, all the teams will eventually have to change their names and just be numbered instead. People will complain about anything. Next you'll hear someone whining "The Tennessee Titans are offensive because I'm atheist. I don't believe in deities." Get off it already.

Until the National Congress of Native Americans puts out a request, I say leave it alone. They don't seem to be bothered by it and neither should any one else. Stop worrying about offending others and let them speak for themselves.

EDIT: It appears they would like it to be changed but have never requested it formally.


I'm of swedish descent, and vikings NEVER had helmets with horns. The Minnesota vikings should stop using our heritage in such a disgraceful manner!


This whole political correctness things has gotten so far out of hand that the animal rights people even want us to change the names of the eagles and broncos.


Only if they change it to 'The Washington Bureaucrats' or 'The Red Tape'.


I've never actually heard someone come out and say "it offends me." All I ever hear is some "group" is complaining, no clue who that group represents, or what they stand for.


Anyone offended by the word redskins needs to eat a few peanuts and get a thicker skin themselves.

And when the hell did 'the right to never be offended' get added to the Constitution anyway? I must have been sick that day.


I can tell you right here in North Carolina that my cat is offended by the Panthers sucking so much.


I guess if they changed their name to the Washington Scalpers, I'd be okay with it. Seinfeld, anyone?


They should change their mascot to this: red skin potatoes and be done with it. That will shut people up.

Because the argument that having the name "Redskins" is somehow trivializing the mass genocide of Native Americans is foolish.


It's a professional sports team for crying out loud. If you don't like it don't support them.


Considering on Indian reservations have high school mascots called "Redskins" that the majority do not find it offensive. The Redskins are the second move valuable team in the NFL in terms of net worth so it makes them an easy target from someone trying to score a payday. If anything, the Browns should petition to have their name changed so they can at least get some sort of mascot on their helmet. The orange and brown is getting real old real fast.


Not until the New Zealand "All Whites" change their name! :-P