questionswindows 8 consumer preview - who's running it?


You can have my XP when you pry it from my cold, dead drive.

Good to hear windows might have got this one right, though.


The inbox/mail app/feature is so frickin sexy, I love it.


@okham: Glad I'm not alone in that sentiment. I never bothered with 7 either, xp works just fine and dandy.


@tiamat114: XP is bulletproof, 7's a hog. BUT- neither has ever crashed on me, and memory is really cheap. There are some amazing graphics in 7that you'd never see in XP. Virtualizing an OS inside XP is clunky at best, much easier in 7.
That said, while I don't exactly embrace change, I've seen nothing in 8 that I really cared enough to look at twice. Looks way too much like the idiot MS phone interface, which all looks like Ubuntu Unity(which is why I left Ubuntu).


Love My win 7, if i had a spare pc i might test this,
those pics look like that god awful new xbox dash i can't stand.