questionsanyone else think deals.woot or someone needs to…


So what do you want the add-on to do that the Woot this deal bookmark doesn't?


I just want it to automatically fill out the link, add details, etc...


@drichards21: The "Woot this deal" bookmark does all that - try it.


@tygerdave seems to post a lot of greasemonkey scripts for cool Wootie type stuff. see if he's looked into anything similar


@drichards21: depending on the source page, as @prosperouscheat stated, the bookmarklet does that. It depends on how much info the deal site lets Woot automatically scrape. Some sites don't play as nicely as others. Kinda the same deal with images, but people notice that more often.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I laughed when I saw all the you lazy bum woots. I will go back and play with the bookmarklet.