questionswhat are the top 3 improvements you would like to…


1. Make PM's available.
2. A comprehensive FAQ.
3. A sticky feature to keep a post or two at the top for awhile as needed.


@faughtey: Good idea, good idea, bad idea. We already have stupid comments that float to the top. Who will decide which posts should be sticky, and which not?

I've seen so much dreck on AtC/AtW in the past few days that I'm beginning to feel like I've gone back in time, and am lost in the September That Never Ended. Just ignore me, I'm stuck on cranky, and it's going to take a few days to get better.

Anyway, I think that third one would be abused in hideous ways that would be eye opening and fearsome. Anything that moves along the idea of a PM system where we could send and receive here on Deals (and even better, have some sort of handy dandy notification), would be outstanding and then some.


@capguncowboy needs to be deemed King. As of right now, it's only implied. An official announcement would be nice.


@faughtey: I like the sticky feature which I'm assuming is by user, like in other deal forums. A deal alert email feature would also be nice.


pm's on the deals side (with notifications)
an accurate rep system
put wootbot back in the mailroom.


@shrdlu: Moderators (staff) would have reign over sticky threads. Sticky threads are a great addition to forums when done correctly. For example, during a wootoff, there could be one question that is stickied dealing with BoC's. I'm not sure if BoC's get spammed over the forums but I'm just using it as an example.

The goal of stickies are to stop spam and help out the majority of users, not to give certain threads(questions) popularity. I, for one, think it's a great idea.


3. Reduce the importance of questions asked in the reputation calculation.

2. Put a system that alerts users when a tattle is pending on a deal or question (an icon for suspected duplicate, an icon for possibly expired, etc., etc.). This would reduce the number of duplicate tattles and let users know something might be amiss with the deal

1. Allow posters to specify an expiration date for a deal when it is known; the deal would auto-RIP when that date passed.


@holymythos: Okay, fair warning ahead of time. I am flat stuck on cranky (as I'd said). I know how sticky posts work. Trust me on this one; I've been here, on Deals, from the early beta days. In addition, the forums over on Wooterville are quite different (although sadly, becoming less so) than the conversations that go on, here. I understand precisely who would be choosing posts to make sticky. I suggest to you that it is a mixed bag, and that, like the parable of the Frogs and the Stork King, you might not be happy with what you wish for.

At all.

As @heymo says, please reduce the importance of question asking. It seems like AtC/AtW has turned into some sort of IRC chat room...


@shrdlu: gives you a hug Feel better hun :( Anyways, I think with testing it might work out alright. I'd be all for testing.


I'd like to have a notification system where you receive an e-mail only when someone replies to your comment.


I'd still like to see some consistency in mods/edits of deals and tags.

Again PM's available on deals side. (All ready noted)

The ability to edit your comments and deals beyond the five minute window.

Reduce the dependency of certain actions for the leaderboard.

And my favorite bag: A tab on the mini-questions when surfing the deals side, so that I don't have to click on AtC or Fresh tab of deals to see fresh questions.



2. Add a good FAQ as mentioned.

3. Make the voting not permanent again, or at least give it longer than 5 minutes. (Or cough up the cartoon).

4. IP ban Iggz.... >:) Just kidding, kinda

5. I'd also like to see a little less moderation on tags personally. People can't use them as a search option if they all say "home" or "electronics".


I'd like to see an option to show more deals per page, so when I'm checking out the fresh deals and searching for good deals most of my time isn't taken up by clicking the next arrow and waiting for my browser to load.

Also, another vote for auto-rip
Another vote for less emphasis on question asking and perhaps a feature to weigh good answers more would help
Thumbs down for stickies
Finally, the combination of wootbot auto adding and other site's "deals" and the show more feature pretty much kills any good deal from that site with hundreds of lame deals. I like the fact that it helps the people searching for deals, but it is near impossible to get one popular without duplicating. So ... thumbs down wootbot


Oh, another non-realistic improvement would to somehow schism the amusing/interesting/funny deals and the actual money saving deals on the popular tab.


1. PM ability
2. better screening of sponsored deals. Some recent titles/description have been really misleading, and some companies should have been banned long ago.
3. A clear page outlining the rules for posting deals


I can give you iggz' real IP address and location if you'd like.
although why he's interested in your balls is strange...


3. Definately making questions less important to rep. I don't care about my own rep at all, but I do want the ability to trust that black triangles post good deals, not spam questions. I love some of the fun/chatty questions that get posted, but some are clearly just to rig the rep system.
2. Definately a Deals PM system, that'd be great.
1. Auto remove deals that don't receive any votes (or maybe just the user vote) after like 12 hours, they aren't doing anything but clogging fresh at that point. It is so easy to get at least one vote in that timeframe if your deal is even mediocre.


I'd like to see a filter tab that feeds specific item/specific category deals when a user has set profile preferences.


I think questions should eventually disappear or be declared dead, like RIP'd deals. The same question might have a different answer 6 months later.

I noted an issue with tags moving slowly. It only tries to suggest things after you've fully entered the tag, and it should really be real-time.

Perhaps a way to officially suggest a question get staff response.

Private messages would be nice.

Auto-submit any (non-staffer) who posts X deals in Y time for review to reduce spam.

Also, I second @scjeff 's categorical deal filter. We've seen this mentioned elsewhere, but not recently.


Also, pull RIP'd deals from the popular tab (though not from searches) because they're clutter.

Searches prefer live deals.

Post @Snapster 's definition of "deal" where everyone will see it.


@jeffyn: Ummm... thanks! Why? Did they agree to implement one of my suggestions?


There should be a limit on deals. I dont like the ideal that there is a deal for a great item only to find out it is 3-4 months old :(.

A way to lower rep of posters

A true posting system.