questionshow detailed do you get with your online product…


I will write an in-depth review if the item is either 'complete garbage' or 'the best thing since sliced bread'. I also leave reviews if the vendor 'went above and beyond' or if 'the business model is comparable to a 2 year old drawing one up in crayons' with customer service to match.

Otherwise I don't generally leave reviews.


I agree with @devexityspace: I have to have very strong feelings about an item to leave a review, and as such, it will be very detailed or explicit.


I don't always leave reviews, but when I do I prefer to put as much information about the quality of the product and seller as I can so the review is actually useful to people who will read it.


Detailed enough. Much like this answer.


I've only reviewed about 5 products. Each of them took about an hour of coming up with things to say and a narrative to convey about the item and my experience with it.

If I can't find a sufficient photo of the product to share, then I'll take one. I remember one instance where a TV I was reviewing did not have a picture of the rear panel. I made sure to add one and to label each port so people knew exactly what inputs the tv was capable of handling. I know I'd prefer to consult a picture than reading the full specification list.

In short, I prefer quality versus quantity. Any review that only has positives about a product is annoying and untrustworthy. Every good product has its flaws and every bad product has positives.

Because of the time I take, I only seldom review items where I feel my input adds to the discussion of the product (like a major problem that hasn't been addressed in other reviews).