questionspokemon black and white bonus


Amazon Prime: $5 refund after you receive the game, will be delivered around March 9th.
I haven't played Pokemon since the Red and Blue. Got all 150+ and then sold it.
Now im on a time crunch to beat Majoras Mask for the first time ever before March 9th.


I am a Pokemon fanatic (and a monkey fanatic and a Doctor Who fanatic, my boys say I have OCD). I have all the DS Pokemon games and I carry them with me everywhere I go (just a little background).

The question I have for you is: Are you going to buy both or just one?

TRU has had a sale for the dual releases (Red/Green, Heart Gold/Soul Silver, Diamond/Pearl), where if you buy both you get $15-$25 break (one time it was off the price and another time it was in a gift card).

Haven't heard of any bonuses for this release.

Victini will be available via Wi-Fi, no matter where you buy it.

FYI - If you own Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, Soul Silver, or Heart Gold, starting today you can get Celebi from Game Stop.


Toys R Us has free shipping on All Video Game Presells (excluding PC)