questionsanybody think pokemon cards are still relavant?


In answer to your question, I wonder if they were ever.


They've pretty much totally disappeared from the mainstream, but like most gone fads there's a group of hardcore fans that still play and enjoy it. I'd say ebaying it is your best bet, as you'd likely get nothing or nearly nothing from a comics or game shop for it.

Oddly enough although the card game is mostly dead, the video game series is still incredibly popular, and a recent installment was actually the top-selling game as recently as 2011, and the series overall is the second best selling after Mario.


still find kids in my elem. school with them.


That time I was arrested in Jamaica, they told me that they were throwing me in the "pokey, mon." [insert rimshot]


Pokemon, along with Magic, is still one of the very few remaining collectible card games that are still popular in that area. The late 90's to early 2000's saw a flood of different CCGs, almost all of which are now dead. If you check sites like miniature market and potomac distribution, you'll see they are still selling for a fairly higher price than other CCGs.

I almost want to start a question thread now, about CCGs in general :) I miss those days!


let me know when I can break out my pogs too


They are still releasing expansion packs and the league is very much alive and there is even an on-line version of the Pokemon TCG.


@capguncowboy: Thanks, it's great to see you're still here!


seems magic the gathering is the only one of these games that is still played in respectable numbers. As stated, your best hope is to find some adults still interested in their childhood hobby.


@mtm2: @squirtle456: they are up to 25$ bid after about 12 hours, so they are still semi relevant!


I'll be interested to know how they do. My son has a binder full of them as well including many of the rare ones. He wheeled and dealed with grown-ups to get them.