questionsdid you see nbc's site was hacked?

vote-for3vote-against looks to be up, but sluggish. However, this may be normal since I don't frequent that site.

vote-for6vote-against is giving a 409 error. Main site is up, though.


@jsimsace: In my experience, as well as about 90% of TV and radio channels have websites that are incredibly cluttered and slow


Well, that's interesting.

But the question still boggles me, why?


As a precaution, it might be a bad idea to visit a website that has been hacked....

Remember, when you go to a website, your computer downloads things on the page to be able to show you what's there. This includes every image on the page, various icons, and whatever else might be lurking on the page including viruses.

I can't seem to find the article right now, but an off-shoot of Anonymous (can't remember if it was OpAnon or LulzSec) used to put viruses in links from their twitter feed to pages that contained a code that allowed them to use your computer for DDoS attacks unknowingly to the owner of the computer.

So please exercise some caution... you never know what you might be getting yourself into.


If you like it click on the this for the mouse over comments.
Reminds me of this:


@caffeine_dude: You beat me to it. It's exactly like that.