questionsbest mexican food you ever had?


The best Mexican food I have is made by my friends girlfriend. She is from Mexico so it's the real deal. She's always making something new and all kids of salsas and dips.


The worst Mexican food I ever had was in a small town in Mexico. I swear we were eating dog meat, it was terrible. When we drove by the restaurant earlier in the day, they had all these dogs chained outside. That night, the dogs were gone...

Sorry, that didn't answer your question but I had to tell my story!


@missellienc: ullghh barf

i really like Chevy's because they make fresh flour tortillas on the spot. nothing worse than a cold, brittle tortilla when you're eating your chicken fajitas

for salsas, i love pico de gallo best. Baja Fresh, California Tortilla, Chipotle. yum


La Fiesta in Houston is a great Tex-Mex place. They had a few locations last I knew. The one on Bunker Hill, if it is still there, is the original AFAIK. Not quite the same as Mexican, but very good. Texas has a lot of places like that. No longer live there, but would highly recommend it to anyone that does.

Anyone dreading pre-made tortillas but not wanting to make from scratch, Costco has some great pre-made, non-cooked tortillas. They cook up quite nicely on a cast iron griddle.


Best I ever had was some hole-in-the-wall place in San Antonio. It was so out of the way I never found it again.

Let me know if you find it.

I've ate at most of the places listed here (in the US) and none of them rate like some mom & pop place in Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona. Things in California are so commercialized they're not worth eating at.


Told these illegals I'd give them $5 if they came and fixed me dinner. They obliged, it was delicious.


There was a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in Alabama when my wife and I were visiting her dad. They didn't know a spot of English. The food was freaking awesome and the prices weren't bad at all, but we got lots of dirty looks. Apparently the locals don't eat there because it's not really open to the general public -- just other Mexicans... I guess I just like to live dangerously


@capguncowboy: Those are the best type of places...


Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant in Ft. Worth, Texas.
They have a small menu, but everything is delicious! The outdoor patio is lush and very wonderful.


@faughtey: place looks great! Will have to try it next time i am in Texas..