questionsdoes anyone have any advice on touchscreen tablet…


I think an iPad might actually be the best way to go for what you are looking for. It is easy to use, you can hook your camera up to it (I believe you can with an adapter), and there are a lot of photo editing application that can be installed to edit them. You also should be able to print the photos as well.

I would wait until the iPad 2 is announced. Either it will be cheaper than the first one, or I imagine that they will discount the old one.


@madamephloi77: A very well-timed question... There are a few tablets out there right now, with a ton more about to hit the market.

iPad is a very easy-to-use option, and as has been earlier said, the second one should be out later this year, with many very good improvements in processor, and graphics capabilities. However, iOS still doesn't have a particularly nice option for printing, except through their AirPrint system - not very accessible and it doesn't play well with most technology yet.

Set for release soon is the Motorola Xoom, based on Google's new Android "Honeycomb" platform - the most advanced competitor at the moment. With a dual-core processor, this tablet is built for more intensive use, like photo-editing, including access to apps specifically for such uses. The Honeycomb OS should be much more flexible as to connectivity, for printing, video, internet options, etc.

And like we said before, there are a few more that will be coming soon. Hope that helps! :)


@arosiriak: I can not wait for Motorola Xoom myself... But will wait till the masses to let me know if it is time for a tablet.


...and he won't even consider touching the microwave

How about an etch-a-scetch or a magna doodle?


I’m an Android fanboy and developer; in this case because of his age 70’s I would say stay away from any cheaper (Under 250) android tablet. I would send him in the direction of a Ipad. Right now with the flood of Chinese android tablets it reminds me of the days of win95 to XP where as you are getting a variety of companies and hacked processors only to find eventually you will need to upgrade and won’t have support. Some of these Andorid tablets brag of 1ghz proc but are really 500mhz overclocked and a 4GB harddrive is really a class 2 MicroSD card. Aka NandFlash. So when you go to upgrade to Honeycombe or any custome OS you will be SOL.


Also that MicroSD Nandflash is inside the table not the other slot one you would add to expand it memory. So your OS could be running slower, seek out 512 or more built-in rom. With a display of 1200v700+

"TFT Touch LCD" display is horrible older and you have to dig in your fingertip. If you are going to buy an Android device you will want to seek out a true "Capacitive display". Capacitive display enables multitouch and have the Glass LCD feel like on the IPAD and more expensive android tablets


Thanks for the advice, everyone!! :)


Most bang for the buck is the wrongly-maligned Viewsonic G-tablet. Pick them up on Amazon or something unused for less than $300 and there are a number of great ROMs you can easily load to upgrade performance. A real dual-core 1GHz Tegra and impressive features. For pure functionality and stability, go with FroYo or Gingerbread - but Honeycomb is available and it is pretty damn nice.


There is a tab. is 10.2 inch,i had checked out on vkamobi,that may match your require, but i choose 8 inch finally,it looks more naturally