questionswho is and what are you pumped for most with e3?


Thank you for posting this. It is my dream to someday go to E3..but it is almost impossible to get in. Maybe someday though.

I am excited for all game news, but most excited for news on Halo and Resident Evil. I can't wait to hear more on the next Bioshock, but not sure if that will happen at this E3.


Nintendo's latest news on the Super Mario Wii sequel and the Wii U. I'm hoping that they aren't quitting developing for the Wii just yet.


I'm somewhat curious to see what Microsoft and 343 are going to say about the next Halo. I'm hoping they put effort into the SP campaign: I'm getting kind of sick of paying for a half thought out SP as an excuse for the MP (which, at this point in my life, I don't play much. Especially CoD).

I also hope that Bioware gives some hints about the next Dragon Age game. I really want them to stand up and say "Oh, and about that Mass Effect 3 ending? PSYCH!! Just kidding. The real one will be out on August 1st". Not going to happen, I know, but I can dream.


Thanks for remind me about that. I was really hoping there would be some type of development for next generation consoles this year. But I guess I'm not seeing those until 2015 possibly.. but I'm really starting to see the age of these consoles right now, except for the things like kinect.. but graphics wise, I'm expecting better nowadays.

The Wii U looks amazing. I spent 10 minutes of the 30 minute presentation by Satoru Iwata on some previews for the next Wii. I'm pretty much assuming that it's going to sell like gold again like the first Wii did. I swear I got mines the first week it came out and I seriously had to fight my way through the lines at Toys R Us.

But what's different maybe is that it seems a lot like what the iPad can do (but not exactly) so I'd like to see what Nintendo has to offer to "woo" me into buying their console.


So far a few good things have been shown.
Halo 4 looks good. I've never been a big Halo fan, but I'm interested in this one.
Splinter Cell: Blacklist looks awesome. Love that series.
New Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer was sweet. Really excited for that one. High Moon has taken Transformers to a new level.
Tomb Raider looks really good. Sad it got pushed back to next year.

Still a ton more to come. It's just getting started.


Glad to see I'm not the only one looking forward to the Wii U. I know a release date is too much to hope for, but maybe we'll get a window (Winter 2012??? Probably Spring 2013...). Would love to hear more about online connectivity with it, maybe give us a teaser about newcomers to Super Smash Brothers. Some kind of Mario game is probably a given.


I think I take back what I said about the Wii U being like an iPad.

If Nintendo manages to set an affordable price for the controllers and everything towards the Wii U compared to the iPad, I think we have a pretty positive selling point there.

Plus if they manage to come up with something like a kinect (controller free dancing, etc) and Blu-Ray capabilities, I'd buy it.

I haven't had much time to read around the blogs for the specs of the Wii U yet, so theres my hopes/guesses.

I think having a tablet controller + mario party is an excellent family game (pretty much why we got the Wii).

Also, I sure hope connecting remotes are better... It's such a pain transferring remotes from one console to the next with the covers on.


Hmmmm.... Looks like Microsoft has found an interesting way to compete with the Wii U: use your tablet or smartphone to connect with your 360 and add to gameplay experience:


wii u probably the most cause its a new console. But even though i dont like the Xbox the live program is becoming worth the cost. They have added SO much.


Wow, this new XBOX clip from E3 is pretty amazing.

It pretty much went against Siri, Apple TV and iPads big time.