questionswhat are you hoping won't be announced at theā€¦


With regard to OS X, I'm really hoping to not hear the phrase "just like in iOS." I'm all for making the integration of iDevices and computers as seamless as possible, but things like Launcher (and other iOS-type "improvements") are for children. I'm a big boy. I have big boy workflows. Please stop dumbing down my operating system.


Heck no to the bye-bye 30 pin dock too. At least they should make some kind of "adaptor" from mini to 30 pin at least to avoid angry mobs.

I'm hoping they're announcing iPhones, I see theres a hype for it already. As always. It's time time of the year again.

What I'm not hoping are new iPads as well. I just got one, and if they're releasing new ones.. I'll probably be angered.


I'm kind of hoping for new iPhones as well. I've been hanging on to my 3gs, purchased shortly after it first came out, for over 2 1/2 years, waiting for a good reason to upgrade.